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Hello Again – A Wedding Day
German Film Festival | 21.10.-07.11.2021

Hello Again – A Wedding Day © Beta Cinema

Hello Again – A Wedding Day

Hello Again - Ein Tag für immer

Year 2020
Runtime 92 min
Language German
Subtitles English
Director Maggie Peren
Producer Sophie Cocco, Fabian Maubach, Jochen Laube
Screenwriter Maggie Peren
Cinematographer Marc Achenbach
Cast Alicia von Rittberg, Edin Hasanović, Tim Oliver Schultz, Emilia Schüle, Samuel Schneider, Jule Ronstedt, Sebastian Rudolph

Zazie lives with womaniser Patrick and sweetheart Anton, in wacky flat share where all are incapable of maintaining a romantic relationship. When Zazie gets invited to her best friend’s wedding, she decides to do everything she can to stop him from making the biggest mistake of his life.



2020 FBW
Prädikat: besonders wertvoll



Hello Again – A Wedding Day will be screened at The Projector, on Sat 23 Oct at 8:40 pm, and on Sun 31 Oct at 5:30 pm.