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Leipzig international art programme© Goethe-Institut

Pazifik - Leipzig

In collaboration with LIA (Leipzig International Art Programme) the Goethe-Institute offers artists from Southeast Asia a three-month residency at the Art and Culture Centre Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei. At the beginning of the 20th century the Baumwollspinnerei (cotton mill) was the site of Europe’s largest processing centre for cotton, today it houses the cultural centre for one of the most exciting places for the production and exhibition of contemporary art and culture in Europe.

Pazifik - Leipzig

Haryo Hutomo

Graduated from arts pedagogic (B.Ed) State University of Jakarta, Haryo is an artist-organisator who working interdisciplinarily, based on the context of time and space his efforts aim to conduct critical engagements and manifest new conceptual, theoretical, methodological, and translational innovations that integrate and move beyond discipline-specific approaches to address a common problem. His practice focuses on the question: How does art engage with life and the praxis of life. Haryo explore the interaction between life, art, science, social-politic and human relation in both practical and aesthetic ways. He tries to not only reflect on the tremendous impact of artistic practices on social and natural environments in Indonesia and worldwide, but he is also trying to provide scenarios for alternative ways of dealing with these environments. His work already were presented, collaborated and cooperated nationally and internationally in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Japan, Azerbaijan, Australia, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, India, Korea, Italy, Israel, Norway, Switzerland, etc..

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