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A dysfunctional cat
22nd German Film Festival | 25.10.-11.11.2018

A dysfunctional cat Photo (detail) © Media Luna New Films

Die defekte Katze

Year 2018
Runtime 93 min
Rating M18: Sexual scenes
Language German, Farsi
Subtitles English
Director Susan Gordanshekan
Producer Ralf Zimmermann
Screenwriter Susan Gordanshekan
Director of Photography Julian Krubasik
Cast Pegah Ferydoni, Hadi Khanjanpour, Henrike von Kuick

Late by Iranian standards in getting married, Mina gets help from her family members who introduce her to potential husbands in Iran. She has rejected all of them until she meets Kian, a surgeon of Iranian origin from Germany. It’s not love at first sight, but the tempting idea of starting a new life in Europe makes her say yes to the union.
In his mid-30s, Kian is desperate for a wife to make his life appear complete. He takes his new bride back home, but this marriage involving virtual strangers is much more difficult than they could imagine.
Born in Kassel, Germany, to Iranian parents, writer-director Susan Gordanshekan employs an understated approach to tell this story of how a couple has to reconcile expectations and differences to finally find a way to live together.

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