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Cloud Whispers
22nd German Film Festival | 25.10.-11.11.2018

Wer hat eigentlich die Liebe erfunden? | Cloud Whispers Photo (detail): © The Yellow Affair

Wer hat eigentlich die Liebe erfunden?

Year 2017
Runtime 93 min
Rating R21: Some homosexual content
Language German
Subtitles English
Director Kerstin Polte
Producer Jonas Katzenstein, Maximilian Leo
Screenwriter Kerstin Polte
Director of Photography Anina Gmuer
Cast Corinna Harfouch, Karl Kranzkowski, Meret Becker

Cloud Whispers tells the tragicomic story of 60-year-old Charlotte, who leaves her old life behind at a motorway pull-in to go on a road trip with her granddaughter Jo and her dead cat. Her husband Paul and her daughter Alex are left puzzled and somewhat shocked. On the other hand, the first impulse of Charlotte and Jo to run away has developed more and more into a self-determined new beginning. Far away from their old patterns, they dive into the here and now, embracing their fears while at the same time welcoming surprises that life and love has to offer. But Paul eventually catches up…
The impressive cast in this feature-film debut by writer-director Kerstin Polte include Corinna Harfouch (Downfall), Meret Becker (Munich, Wetlands) and Sabine Timoteo (The Free Will)..


Preis des Verbands der deutschen Filmkritik
Achtung Berlin New Berlin Film Award 2018
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