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Rabbit School
22nd German Film Festival | 25.10.-11.11.2018

Die Häschenschule: Jagd nach dem goldenen Ei | Rabbit School: Guardians of the golden Egg Photo (detail): © Sola Media

Die Häschenschule: Jagd nach dem goldenen Ei

Year 2017
Runtime 76 min
Rating PG
Language English
Director Ute von Münchow-Pohl
Animation Director
Peter Bohl
Producer Dirk Beinhold
Screenwriter Katja Grübel, Dagmar Rehbinder

Rabbit boy Max has one big dream: to become one of the really cool guys. To impress the leader of the hottest gang in town, he attempts a stunt on a model airplane – which goes horribly wrong, landing him in a curious place where he meets a group of little rabbits in old-fashioned clothes. Max has ended up in Rabbit School, a place where time seems to have stood still.
In this animated film, Max has to contend with a family of hungry and deceitful foxes who are scheming to steal the Rabbit School’s most precious possession, the magical Golden Egg – which the foxes believe can help them become Easter foxes to deliver slimy worms and fried spiders, instead of Easter eggs, to children around the world. Will our hero be able to team up with the other rabbits and work up his wit and courage to stop the foxes from ruining Easter for us all?

Rabbit School: Guardians Of the Golden Egg is based on the children’s book by Albert Sixtus and Fritz Koch-Gotha.

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