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The Wall
German Film Festival | 24.10.-10.11.2019

The Wall Jürgen Böttcher

The Wall

Die Mauer

Runtime 99 min
Rating PG
Language German
Subtitles English
Director Jürgen Böttcher
Producer Stephen Röder
Screenwriter Jürgen Böttcher, Thomas Plenert
Cinematographer Thomas Plenert

This memorable documentary about the deconstruction of the Berlin Wall has been described as unconventional, poetic and enigmatic – it makes no use of vocal commentary but instead focuses on visual elements.
From the Potsdamer Platz to the Brandenburg Gate, the camera captures the historic events from all sides and different angles: on the one hand, there are news reporters and tourists from all over the world taking pictures, children selling pieces of the wall to passers-by, and people celebrating New Year's Eve; on the other, we see abandoned subway stations and officials with blank looks on their faces.
Directed by painter and filmmaker Jürgen Böttcher, The Wall won the FIPRESCI Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival in 1991.


The film will be shown at the Oldham Theatre as it comes on loan from Deutsche Kinemathek in Berlin to Singapore on several 35mm reels. Due to the installation and replacement of reels by an AV technician, there will be a minimum of 2 minutes stoppage between the time each reel finishes and when another reel is ready for projection. Hence, during the screening, there will be multiple stoppages. Since this documentary consists of rather a collage of images than a narrative flow where you might exit in the middle of scenes, we felt this will give the screening that nostalgic extra! 



'The Wall' will be screened on Thu 31 Oct, 8:00 PM at Oldham Theatre. Register for free screening.