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Methane - The Invisible Danger

Methane - The Invisible Danger © Bilderfest GmbH

Original Title: Methan - Die unsichtbare Gefahr
Category: Ecology & Environment
Director: Christian Schmidt
Produced by: Bilderfest GmbH
Running Time: 5 minutes
Country: Germany
Year: 2022
Age Guideline: Secondary School (12–16)
Language: English, no subtitles

Methane is formed over millions of years during decay processes of dead plant and animal remains under exclusion of air at the bottom of lakes and oceans. At low temperatures and high pressure, it becomes methane hydrate, which is very rich in energy. In this video, we explain how methane can form explosion craters.


Date and Time: everyday from 2 to 11 Dec from 10am to 5pm, Films play in a loop
Venue: Science Centre Singapore
Price: Entry Fee of Science Centre; no pre-registration necessary