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nine-and-a-half - Your Reporters: What is Bionics?

nine-and-a-half - Your Reporters: What is Bionics? © WDR/tvision

Original Title: neuneinhalb – Deine Reporter: Was ist Bionik? – Wenn Forscher bei der Natur
Category: Family Edutainment
Director: Sarah Schultes, Miriam Witsch
Produced by: WDR/tvision, Manuela Kalupke
Running Time: 10 minutes
Country: Germany
Year: 2021
Age Guideline: Primary School (9–11)
Language: English, no subtitles

In bionics, researchers cheat without restraint! In birds, sharks, chameleons and even plants. Our world is now full of useful inventions from the field of bionics - without us even knowing it. It's time to take a closer look! In bionics, a mixture of biology and technology, special features from nature are recognized and then used in technology. Reporter Jana visits a company that deals with this on a daily basis and invents bionic robots. Here, robots that look like animals fly, swim and hop around. Jana even gets to build a bionic robot herself. But bionics is not just in robots. Whether Velcro fasteners, airplanes or parachutes - nature was copied for all these inventions. However, before such bionic discoveries can make our everyday lives easier, research often has to be carried out for years. This is exactly what is happening at the Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg, where researchers are taking a close look at plants. For example, they have deciphered the super-fast movements of carnivorous plants. What bionic invention have the scientists come up with? Will Jana's bionic robot really work? And what's the point of robots that look like fish, chameleons or kangaroos? That's what this episode of "nine-and-a-half" is all about!


Date and Time: everyday from 2 to 11 Dec from 10am to 5pm, Films play in a loop
Venue: Science Centre Singapore
Price: Entry Fee of Science Centre; no pre-registration necessary