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nine-and-a-half - Your Reporters: Unimaginable!

nine-and-a-half - Your Reporters: Unimaginable! © WDR/tvision

Original Title: neuneinhalb – Deine Reporter: Unvorstellbar! – Was Gedanken bewegen können
Category: Family Edutainment
Director: Sarah Schultes
Produced by: WDR/tvision, Manuela Kalupke
Running Time: 10 minutes
Country: Germany
Year: 2021
Age Guideline: Primary School (9–11)
Sprache: English, no subtitles

Jana is invited to a very special ping-pong duel today. The challenge: It is played without a racket, instead only with the power of thought! Her opponent is brain researcher Prof. Dr. Surjo Soekadar - and he's not just good at playing mind-ping-pong. With his research, he enables paralyzed people to move their hands again. After a little training, Jana is even allowed to try out for herself how this works. She also meets Phillip. He lost his left arm in an accident and wears a different kind of high-tech prosthesis. How can Phillip move the fingers of his prosthesis with his mind? Why a mirror helps him do it? And what is a thought anyway? That's what this episode of "nine-and-a-half" shows.


Date and Time: everyday from 2 to 11 Dec from 10am to 5pm, Films play in a loop
Venue: Science Centre Singapore
Price: Entry Fee of Science Centre; no pre-registration necessary