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Concept, Quality & TeachersGoethe-Institut

Concept, Quality & Teachers

The Goethe-Institut is the Republic of Germany’s official cultural institute. With around 270,000 course participants annually, it is the largest provider of German courses worldwide.

The Goethe-Institut stands for the competent and efficient teaching of German as a foreign language. Our recipe for success: lessons are based on clear learning goals and focus on your needs.

Taking a language course at the Goethe-Institut does not just mean learning a language, but also getting to know a culture.

German Courses in Singapore

Our learning concept

  • reflects the most recent knowledge in teaching and learning research.
  • is varied, interactive and communicative. Speaking, listening, reading and writing are practised in situations based on real-life, using authentic texts.
  • is oriented to topical and inter-cultural subject matter.

The teaching language is German right from the first lesson.

Our teaching staff

  • are methodically and didactically trained and have at least 300 hours of teaching experience in German as a foreign language
  • receive regular further training to ensure that their methods are always up to date
  • have experience in working with people from different countries and cultures
  • are certified examiners for the Goethe certificates
  • are certified online tutors

German is their mother tongue or they have comparable German language skills.

Meet our teachers

Christiane HolchGoethe-Institut

Meet our teachers
Christiane Holch

Hi, I’m Christiane and I‘m from Ludwigshafen in Rhineland-Palatinate. I studied German/Anglistics in Germany/Canada. I moved (back) to Singapore in 2019. I enjoy teaching very much as well as travelling, hiking and photography.
My German learning tip: Read a lot. It passively trains your sentence structure and helps with learning new vocab!

Christine SentosaGoethe-Institut

Meet our teachers
Christine Sentosa

My name is Christine Sentosa. My family name is from Indonesia, but I am from Germany, Wiesbaden. I have been in Singapore for 25 years and a teacher for the same amount of time. I like to work with adults, parents and children.
My German learning tip: With humour and perseverance, you can do anything! Find something beautiful in the language!


Meet our teachers
Dilka Ranatunga

Hello, I am Dilka born in Sri Lanka. I have studied and lived in Germany, Berlin. I have been a teacher at the Goethe-Institut for 15 years and have been in Singapore since April 2022. I love teaching, introducing German language and culture to my students.
My German learning tip: Speak with native speakers, watch German movies and read books.


Meet our teachers
Insiya Patrawala

Hey there, I am Insiya. I was born in India, but I am a German citizen and now live in Singapore. I enjoy learning and teaching, along with  travelling and exploring different cultures. Books are my best friends. I love to swim  and play badminton. Currently I am trying to learn guitar and Korean language.
My German learning tip: Keep learning!

Jimmy HungGoethe-Institut

Meet our teachers
Jimmy Cao

Hi, I am Jimmy und I come from Stuttgart in Baden-Wuerttemberg. I was born in Vietnam. Since 2012, I have been working as a German tutor in Singapore and I love living in Singapore. I enjoy being a teacher. My hobbies are travelling and hiking. 
My German learning tip: Memorise the German words that you learn!

Simone OpperGoethe-Institut

Meet our teachers
Simone Opper

Hi, I was born and grew up in the “Westerwald” in Rhineland-Palatinate. A coincidence brought me to the Goethe-Institut Beijing. Since then, teaching German has been my passion. 
I have been working at the Goethe-Institut Singapore since 2003. The exchange with German learners is one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. German is fun and brings joy! 

Sophie SagerGoethe-Institut

Meet our teachers
Sophie Sager

Hi, I am Sophie! I come from Göttingen in Lower Saxony and have lived in Singapore since 2022. My hobbies are crocheting, drawing comics and Krav Maga. I enjoy being a teacher, because I get to be creative with my lessons and I meet tons of interesting people.
My German learning tip: Read your favourite book in German, even if it's hard at first!

Ulf MielkeGoethe-Institut

Meet our teachers
Ulf Mielke

Hello, my name is Ulf Mielke. I grew up in Schleswig-Holstein but have lived in Hamburg for ten years as well – until I moved to South East Asia. I have lived in Singapore since 2003. What I like the most here are the nature and the weather. My hobbies are exercise and music (listening and playing).
My German learning tip: Let the language surprise you.