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How do you imagine your future? That is the central question here. Together with young people from Australia, New Zealand, Myanmar, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapur, Vietnam, Malaysia and Germany you will work on your future projects in various digital workshops and will give your generation a voice.

dareCon© Goethe-Institut Melbourne


vernetzte Welten © Goethe-Institut

Using VR-Tools
​Interconnected worlds

In this workshop you will build games and virtual worlds with the help of easy to use VR tools. The aim of your game or virtual world will be to enable an exchange between young people from different countries, cultures and social backgrounds.

This workshop is offered by Jugend hackt

visual storytelling © Beldan Sezen

Envisioning your future through visual storytelling
Writing in pictures

The power of comics lies in its universal communication ability. They can take us into existing and non-existing world in a blink of an eye. Everything starts with an idea, a purpose. Think of it as making a film while painting and writing at the same time where in your audience are partners in crime, creating something out of nothing. After an introduction into key points of making comics we will work on ways to tell your story by creating a short comic.

This workshop is offered by Beldan Sezen.

Spiel KI erklärt © Imaginary

Artificial Intelligence and our future

Artificial intelligence is used in many tools around us. But how does it actually work? What are its limits? In this Workshop you will experiment with AI algorithms, discover their strengths and weaknesses, and discuss how AI may change our society. Together we will design rules and frameworks to shape our future.

This workshop is offered by IMAGINARY open mathematics.

Digi-Vision © Colourbox

Digi-Vision (PASCH Workshop)

How do you see our future? What opportunities do you see to shape our future? What is important to you in our globalized world? Guided by these questions, the students will learn to use film language to create their own 1-minute long trailers.

This workshop by Kerstin Rickermann and Susanne Heincke is exclusively for the group of students from PASCH-schools

Plenary sessions, talks and music

Band members from Systemabsturz on stage. The poster in the background reads: fight for your digital rights. 15 years Netzpolitik.org © Jason Krüger

Musik: Systemabsturz

Systemabsturz is an electro-pop duo from Berlin. Their songs are about the fact that we all (have to) reveal more and more private information on social media, but also in public spaces. Their beats are somewhere between pop and techno - the declared goal of every concert is to have sore muscles from dancing the next day.

Illustration of a global network © Colourbox

digital cultural evening

At dareCon! you will work with many young people from different countries. Before you exchange ideas in the workshops, you will get to know each other at the cultural evening. Each group of countries presents itself briefly. You tell who you are, what life is like in your country, what is important to the people around you and what you wish for in the future.

Photo of a microphone © Canva

Presentations and Talks

dareCon! is an event for young people by young people. That is why you have the opportunity to help shape the program. You can show the other participants how you use digital media to give your generation a voice. For example, take part in a panel discussion on digital youth culture, hold a Ted Talk or a PechaKucha and visit the presentations of the other participants.