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A Project for Professional Orientation
Enterprise German

Enterprise German connects learning German with economics and promotes the collaboration between schools and German companies or companies in Singapore with a relationship to German speaking countries. The project combines aspects of professional orientation with creativity and inventor spirit.

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Teams from various schools in Singapore compete for the best idea. The top three will be selected by a jury of experts. The date for the award ceremony will be announced.

Contact: Martina Schmid-Lindenmayer

Enterprise German connects German with Economics. It is designed for schools that would like to build a bridge to the working world or to expand their contacts with companies in the region. The project combines aspects of professional orientation with a motivating idea contest, which appeals to the creativity and inventiveness of students.

The central task is to develop an innovative product or an innovative service idea for a company in the local environment. The new product / service idea should be a useful extension of the company's offer and should be marketable. Students will also create an advertisement (for example a video clip) and a commercial slogan in German promoting their business idea to potential German speaking clients.

An essential part of the project is the contact with the partner company. This provides students with a realistic insight into the working world and offers useful information for developing a company profile as well as for the invention of the new product/service idea.
The project aims to show students an insight into the professional world by providing cooperation between schools and enterprises. It motivates students to learn German and aims to show them how German can advance their career.

The project consists of 10 aims
  1. Improve their knowledge of German
    to make German teaching more concrete and realistic, thus strengthening students' motivation for learning
  2. Improve personal career opportunities and future prospects
    to demonstrate the value of German for the professional career
  3. Offer guidance
    to assist young people in their professional orientation and transitionfrom school into the professional world
  4. Analysis of the economic area & contact with partner company
    to provide insights into the world of work and in vocational, economic and social contexts
  5. Possible cooperation with the economics teacher
    to promote an interdisciplinary and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) - related teaching, which integrates content frombusiness management and marketing into the German language
  6. Dual learning
    to foster learning partnerships between schools and enterprises
  7. Visibility of the school in the region
    to increase the didactic offer of schools
  8. Social responsibility
    to promote the social image of companies
  9. Dual education
    to promote the development of qualified young talent by companies
  10. Work with media formats
    to increase the media competency of teachers and students

Teaching Materials

The teaching materials at A2 level are divided into three modules. The materials serve as a basis for the participation in the idea contest, but can also be used without taking part in the competition.

Unternehmen Deutsch Module 1 ©iStock

Module 1: Our Economic Area

Getting to know the domestic economy and finding a partner company.

Teaching Materials Module 1

Unternehmen Deutsch Module 2 ©iStock

Module 2: Our Partner Company

Making contact with a partner company and creating a portrait of the company.

Teaching Materials Module 2

Unternehmen Deutsch Module 3 ©iStock

Module 3: Our Business Idea

Inventing a product or service for the partner company. 

Teaching Materials Module 3


The piloting phase of the ideas competition Enterprise German has come to an end for the school year 2019. Two student groups from the Ministry of Education Language Centre have partnered with a German company in Singapore to develop an innovative business idea as well as an advertisement idea.

It wasn't easy for the jury, consisting of experts from the Goethe-Institut Singapur, to select the most creative idea and associated commercials from the impressive submissions.

1st Prize

School: Ministry of Education Language Centre (MOELC)
Partner company: Lufthansa
Business idea: Lufthansa’s Plane Ground

2nd Prize

School: Ministry of Education Language Centre (MOELC)
Partner company: ARD
Business idea: Deutsch, Deutlich – die neue DaF-Zeitung und App  



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