Mugran Foto Week ©Goethe-Institut Sudan/Salma Alnour


After two very successful years of the MUGRAN FOTO WEEK in Khartoum, the Sudanese Photographers Group and the Goethe-Institut presented a new edition in 2016 of this most important, yearly photography event in Sudan.

Sudanese Photographers Group is a network of emerging talents, comprising several hundreds of active members. Every day, these ambitious and talented photographers publish their work on all aspects of life in Sudan on Facebook, Instagram or other platforms on the Internet.

Mugran Foto Week ©Goethe-Institut/Sharaf Mahzoub In order to facilitate the exchange between Sudanese and international photographers, the Goethe-Institut had been inviting professional photographers André Luetzen from Hamburg and Michelle Loukidis from Johannesburg as curators and mentors for the third year in a row. In our workshops with Sudanese colleagues, they encouraged and supervised the creation of photo stories about life in Khartoum and selected the best pictures for a new exhibition called MODERN TIMES. - In September 2016, more than 120 photographs by 15 Sudanese photographers were exhibited at the National Museum of Sudan.

Our second exhibition for this year was dedicated to the work of the three professional photographers Ala Kheir from Sudan, Michelle Loukidis from South Africa and André Luetzen from Germany. They presented their recent visions of the Sudanese capital at the gallery of the French Institute, presenting their views of private lives and public spaces in Khartoum.

Mugran Foto Week 2016 © Goethe-Institut/Salma Alnour In order to facilitate networking with other African photographers and international curators, the Goethe-Institut in South Africa also invited 15 emerging photographers from countries such as Mali, Senegal, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, or the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In their international Master Class, they met three Sudanese photographers and discussed their views about life in Africa with curators from France, Belgium, Germany and Nigeria.

Bringing all these talents and experts together for the first time, the MUGRAN FOTO WEEK 2016 presented ample opportunities for photographers and the general public to discover the rich artistic variety of creative photography in Sudan and beyond.

For more exciting views of photo stories from Sudan, please visit our special MUGRAN FOTO page.

Mugran Foto Week © Goethe-Institut/Hisham Karouri