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by Samia Mohammed
Architecture Photography Blog

Samia Mohammed
© Goethe-Institut

The young architectural student Samia Mohammed would like to document the buildings of the Sudanese capital Khartoum both architecturally and visually. To do this, she explores the city on her moped and posts her photographs on a blog.

“The idea is to document the existing building in photographs and to get to know its architectural identity before it disappears, and then to show the stages of it in a photo exhibition,” Samia Mohammed summarises the concept of her project.
The various buildings in the capital of Sudan have evolved over time to reflect the art and aesthetic sensibility in Sudanese society. If one takes a closer look at the subject matter, the various influences on Sudan and its architecture, and thus also on society, become clearly visible. With her project, the young architect shows the historical character of the country through different influences and cultures and thus defies the perceived image of a purely Arabic or Islamist influence in the country. The exhibition is based on the year of construction of the various buildings, so that historical developments can be better captured and presented. In order to make the context and the history of its origins easier to understand, an interview with an expert on the respective architectural style appears in Samia’s blog in addition to each photograph of the respective building.
The Covid-19 pandemic restricted Samia from travelling to take photos, but she still used the time to collect data and prepare the exhibition. According to the plans, visitors in small groups will be able to view the photographs over several days.