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by Jasour Abu Algasim

Jasour Abu Algasim
© Goethe-Institut

The moving play from 2019 enters its second round: The theatre-maker Jasour Abu Algasim and another 15 actors continue the socio-political history of Sudan.

In the previous year, Jasour addressed the role of women during the three different revolutions in Sudan in his play. “The second year, we will be able to depict the beauty of the characters during the political change in Sudan,” says the theatre-maker after intensive discussions and planning for this year’s project.
The aim of the innovative play is to present the cultural and political realities in Sudan after the revolution as well as the complexity of the cultural networks. It will take place on three stages at the same time, so that the audience can split up and successively watch the three scenes taking place at the same time. In the further development of the theatre, the first stage will now deal with the rights and duties of Sudanese citizens today and various concepts of freedom, citizenship and democracy. The play on the second stage deals with other eras and their changes in the Sudanese past. On the third stage, concepts from the other two pieces are illuminated, and dancers express these experimentally and artistically. The project therefore links current discourses on politics and society with past discourses and thus encourages people to draw added value from previous experiences.
“We are again experiencing the connection between freedom, peace and human values in order to create the foundation for an in-depth dialogue on social justice,” Jasour sums up the promotion in his own words. The ongoing restrictions caused by the pandemic also presented his project with considerable challenges. One performance had to be postponed due to existing assembly and exit restrictions; the play was therefore recorded on video.