Sabai, Sabai Deutschland

In the movie “Sabai, sabai Deutschland” you will meet 4 Thais who are living and working in Germany. You will learn what they think about Germany and the Germans and their integration process. They talk about their everyday life, their experiences and feelings but also about the difficulties and challenges they face as a Thai in Germany.
Click on the thumbnails below to watch the individual portraits or click here for the complete movie.

Sabai, sabai Deutschland the complete movie
Interviews at the Thai festival in Berlin
“It is important to understand that this is a different culture.”  - Happiness found in Düsseldorf

“I have a small garden here because I want it to be like in Thailand.” - Staying Thai in Heilbronn

“Even grown up Thais think Germany is a paradise. But it isn’t. Or is it? Maybe, but only after one has come through a lot.” - Dream and reality in Unterwössen

“I think the first thing Thais should do when they come to Germany is learn the language.” - Arriving in Paderborn

We would like to thank all those who participated in the making of this movie! Our thanks also go to the salt plant Heilbronn and all other filming locations for their support.
Director: Detlev. F. Neufert
Camera: Susanna Salonen
Sound: Franz Powarint
Montage: Jana Teuchert
Translation: Patima Beyer
Music: Decha Chasa-nguan
Soundmix: Mathias Wendt
Postproduction: Matthias Behrens/wave-line
Production management: Gisela Walter
A production of GTMA-German Thai Media Association and the Goethe-Institut Thailand.