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Living and Working in Germany

Der Weg nach Deutschland© Goethe-Institute Thailand

- What is life like in Germany?
- Can I work in my job in Germany?
- Which visa do I need?
- How do I prepare for Germany?
If you plan on moving to Germany, Austria or Switzerland, e.g. as a spouse or as a qualified professional, you might ask yourself many questions about this important step in your life. Good linguistic and cultural preparation is a key factor for a successful start in a linguistically and culturally different country. We would like to inform you, answer your questions and help you with your preparation.

Personal advice © Goethe-Institut Thailand

Personal advice

Personal advisory service for your questions about immigration and preparation for Germany

Der Weg nach Deutschland © Goethe-Institute Thailand

The way to Germany

Information event if you would like to move to Germany as a spouse

Visa Information © Goethe-Institut Thailand

Visa Information

Information event on the visa with employees of the German Embassy

Instagram Stories © Goethe-Institut Thailand

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories about living and working in Germany

My way to Germany © Goethe-Institut Thailand

My Way to Germany

Our booklet with lots of useful information about preparation and everyday life in Germany

Survey and data protection © Goethe-Institut Thailand

Survey and data protection

We would be happy to get your feedback

A1 trial lesson © Getty Images

A1 trial lesson

Learning German Successfully. Online.


This project is sponsored by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).

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