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My way to Germany

My way to Germany© Goethe-Institut Thailand

- I have not decided yet. What should I know or consider?
- How can I prepare well for Germany?
- What is helpful information about Germany, Austria or Switzerland?
- How do I have to imagine life there?
If you plan on moving from Thailand to Germany e.g. as a spouse, you will have many questions about life and integration in Germany as well as preparation in Thailand.

In our booklet Mein Weg nach Deutschland you will find valuable information and tips on preparing for Germany, arriving and living in Germany, as well as many helpful addresses.

The chapters in the booklet are:
  • Decision making Preparation for Germany
  • Arriving in Germany
  • Being happy abroad
  • Returning to Thailand
You can download the booklet free of charge as a .pdf file in German or Thai: The Thai version is also available free of charge as a printed booklet at Goethe-Institut Thailand.


This project is sponsored by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).

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