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Blended Learning© Goethe-Institut

Blended Learning

Do you want to learn German and have high standards and expectations, but only have a limited amount of time? Are you used to learning on a computer, but do not want to miss out on the advantages of a face-to-face classroom environment? Would you like to have greater flexibility to choose learning times that work for you?


Blended Learning is an ideal option if you want to learn German fast, but you do not have much time to meet your teacher and classmates and you also do not want to learn individually only.

Our Blended Learning courses combine the best of both worlds: intensive group lessons and flexible individual online German lessons complement each other. That way, you will make remarkable progress within a short period of time. 

Course description

A Blended Learning course lasts 10 weeks and covers 50 teaching units (per 45 minute). The learning time is divided into two parts:

  • 60% in Online Live sessions
  • 40% of independent online learning 



  • During the course you will meet your teacher and your classmates online with Adobe Connect every two weeks (Sundays).
  • You will discuss course lessons along with practicing speaking skills with other participants in German and preparing for the online lessons together.
  • You will learn in a group of 8 to 18 people.


  • You will have access to our online platform, where you will find the online portion of the course. This section of online learning includes engaging learning activities, online flash cards to study vocabulary, and summary sheets of all important grammatical structures and phrases you will encounter.
  • Your instructor will assign weekly exercises intended to be completed at your own pace within a given week. These exercises will prepare you for your online live sessions in which you will meet with your class. Most online activities will involve working individually but will also include interactive tasks where you will engage with the entire learning group.
  • These group activities may include posting about your hobbies, interests or upcoming events while also engaging with classmates by leaving comments on their posts.


  • You like to work at computer and have an internet access. 
  • You have at least two hours during the week for online lessons.
  • You like to learn independently and are able to do the learning tasks responsibly.
  • You have good English skills. (The support language on the learning platform is English.)

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to complete 70% of the online lessons and also attend 70% of the face-to-face classes. Only this way you will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the course. 
There is no course book. The lessons are located in the online classroom. You will get additional worksheets and handouts in the face-to-face classes. 
The most of online assignments can be completed on a tablet or a smartphone, whereas some of them require a PC or a laptop. A participation without a PC or a laptop is therefore possible, but we advise participants to use it. Speaking of which, no device is required for the face-to-face classes. 
Write an e-mail to your instructor. They will respond within 48 hours. 
You can write your problems and questions in the participants’ forum. Your instructor will respond within 48 hours. 
You may have some difficulties in the following face-to-face class because the online phase normally prepares you for the next face-to-face meeting. We advise you to do as many exercises as possible ahead.
All skills which are tested in the examination will be trained during the course. But you may need to get to know its format with the examination materials, which are available on the website.
No, you have to book and take the examinations of the Goethe-Institut at one of its branches.
Yes, please contact our Language Course office. You can transfer the course fee or pay via BAHTNET. Bank charges may apply. Our account details are:

Deutsche Bank, Bangkok
Account no.: 0004036000

Yes, it is possible. Anyway, you may need to do a placement test in order to find the best course for you because the lessons of both course types are different.