Contact and Enrolment

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Contact and Enrolment

Interested in one of our language courses or need further information? Feel free to drop in to our language course office for some personal advice.


Please note that the Goethe-Institut Thailand has been closed by order of the authorities of the Kingdom of Thailand to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The health of our guests and course participants is very important to us. We are hoping for your understanding during this difficult time and are wishing everyone to keep safe.
As a general precaution, the language course office can only be reached by e-mail until April 3, 2020:

At this moment, we cannot give out new information about course schedules, prices for our digital learning formats, new registrations or examination and course dates. We are working continously to resolve this for you as soon as possible. Please follow our Facebook channel and website to stay up to date. Thank you for your interest in the German language classes at the Goethe-Institut Thailand.
The due date for borrowed items from the library has been extended without fee. In our digital library ONLEIHE, you can still borrow German-language media around the clock from anywhere in Thailand free of charge.

For further concerns or inquiries, as well as questions about our digital-learning services, please feel free to contact us under

Please check our Website and Facebook channel for our most recent updates on the curent situation.

Thank you for your attention.

FAQ concerning the shutdown of the Goethe-Institut Thailand

70% attendance in a normal course is required for a certificate of attendance. Provided that you haven't missed class too often, you can get a confirmation of participation for your evening course, your weekend course or your “Start 1” course. If you need a confirmation of participation immediately, please contact our course office and we will send it to you by post within Thailand. The super-intensive courses (beginning on March 5th) had to be stopped by order of the Ministry of Education so early that a confirmation of participation is not possible.
In case the situation does not change, we are working intensively on converting our German courses to online courses and digital learning. We also want to offer you high quality, learning success and fun when learning online, so we kindly ask you to be patient during our preparation. In the meantime you are welcome to use our already existing free and paid offers for practicing German and getting to know Germany:
According to §9 of our terms and conditions, we assume no liability in the event of force majeure. Nevertheless, we would like to offer you strongly discounted prices if you would like to start learning with us again immediately after reopening of the Goethe-Institut Thailand:
  • Learners in super-intensive courses receive a 50% discount on a new language course.
  • Learner in exam preparation courses A1 and A2 as well learners in “Start 1” please contact the registration office via e-mail or telephone.
We do not refund examination fees but a free rebooking to the next possible date after reopening of the Goethe-Institut Thailand is possible. Please follow our website and our social media channels for news and keep in mind that the first exam dates may be fully booked.
You can pick up already acquired certificates after the reopening.
Your borrowed media will be automatically renewed by us without a reminder fee.
We extend your membership as long as the institute is closed.
You can find the instructions here:

Contact and Enrolment

Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht über unsere Kurs- und unterrichtsfreien Tage:
Das Institut ist geschlossen
01.01. New Year's Day
08. - 10.02. Makha Bucha Day
04. - 15.04 Chakri Tag / Songkran
02. - 06.05 Coronation Day / Visakhabucha Tag
03.06 Birthday of Queen Suthida
04. - 06.07 Asahabucha / Buddhist Lent
28.07 Birthday of King Rama X.
12.08 Mothersday
13.10 King Rama IX. Memorial Day
05. - 06.12 Father's Day
24. - 31.12 Christmas / New Year
Course type Fee per course
Intensive coursemorning/afternoon 9.400 THB
Intensive course evening 8.300 THB
Extensive course weekend 5.300 THB
Extensive course evening 5.000 THB

Please note: Books are not included in the course fees and available at our bookshop "Mit Uns".
Der Buchladen

Fee for first time registration 400 THB
Please note: If you have reserved a course place, the payment should be completed 7 days prior to the first class meeting. Otherwise the Goethe-Institute is entitled to offer the place to another student.

Information about Bank Transfers

Due to the special status of the Goethe-Institut Thailand, the institute has no account with a Thai commercial bank and can therefore only accept payment in cash.

Examination fees can be paid within Thailand by BAHTNET transfer. Please enquire about transfer charges and our bank account details at the course office or via e-mail

When making payment please remember to state the name of the course or exam participant to enable us to locate payments. Please also send a copy of the payment transfer receipt (PDF or JPG) by e-mail to,  in order to guarantee your place.
1. Participation requirements
1.1. Course participants must be at least 16 years of age. Examination candidates must be at least 10 years old.
2. Placement test
2.1. On registration, all new students with a previous knowledge of German are required to take a placement test. This ensures students are assigned to a course which corresponds to their level of proficiency. The placement test consists of a written part plus a short interview.
2.2. Participants who have acquired a Goethe-Institut certificate within the last 12 months or who have successfully completed a language course at the Goethe-Institut within the last 12 months are not required to take a placement test. In both cases, written confirmation must accompany their application.
3. Fees and Methods of Payment

3.1. On registration, all students are required to pay course, registration and administration fees including examination fees, where applicable. All payments must be made in cash and in Thai Baht at the time of registration.
3.2. Fees charged are those stipulated in the course brochures of the Goethe-Institut Thailand, valid at the time of registration. These fees do not include course books.
3.3. If payment fails to be completed 7 days prior to the first class meeting or examination, the student loses his right to participate and the Goethe-Institut is entitled to offer the place to another student.
3.4. In exceptional cases (contrary to the provisions of 3.1),when payment is made from outside Thailand, we can accept bank transfers made to our German bank account. In such cases, the course and exam fees are determined in euro by the Goethe-Institut. Information on the fees currently applicable and our bank account details can be solicited from our course office or via e-mail. All bank and postage charges related to payment of fees are borne by the remitter. The latter also applies to THB payment transfers made to our Thai bank account from within Thailand. On enquiry, the Goethe-Institut can provide information on corresponding bank charges.

4. Change and Cancellation of Courses
4.1. A change of course is only possible within the first 5 days of the course following consultation with the course office.
4.2. If changing to a course with an increased number of teaching hours, the corresponding price difference is to be paid and will be calculated as from the date of the change. If changing to a course with fewer teaching hours, the corresponding excess payment will be reimbursed.
4.3. Participation in courses other than the one registered for,  is not permitted under any circumstances.
4.4. In case of cancellation prior to course commencement, the course payment will be refunded minus a 500 THB cancellation fee. Registration and administration fees will not be refunded.
4.5. In the case of a cancellation after course commencement, course payment will not be refunded. Should a participant need to cancel due to illness and is able to justify cancellation with a medical certificate, the remaining course payment will be reimbursed or may, on request, be used as payment for another course.
4.6. Should the quorum of participants for any one course not be met, the Goethe-Institut reserves the right to cancel the course. All fees will be refunded to the registered participants.
5. Change or Cancellation of Examinations
5.1. Examination candidates have one opportunity to cancel an examination date free of charge, providing this is done 7 days or more before the examination date.
5.2. Any further changes, including changes made four to six days before the examination date, or cancellations made up to 4 days previous to the examination, are all subject to a charge of 500 THB.
5.3. Thereafter, the examination date may no longer be changed or cancelled and no fees can be refunded. Moreover the Goethe-Institut is entitled to full payment of all outstanding examination fees. The same applies if candidates fail to complete or turn up for the exam.
5.4. Examination candidates are required to present valid registration identification or a payment receipt when soliciting a change or cancellation. The cancellation fees are all subject to a charge of 500 THB.
6. Examination results
6.1. Examination results are available for consultation on our web page within 3 working days of each examination date. Likewise, successful candidates may collect their certificates personally at the course office within 3 working days of their exam.
7. Responsibilities of Participants
7.1. Participants are obliged to comply with the course, examination and house regulations of the Goethe-Institut Thailand. All information concerning both regulations and examination administration is available for consultation in the Language Course Office.
7.2. The Goethe-Institut Thailand reserves the right to terminate the contract with any participant who endeavors to disrupt lesson or exam procedures or disturb other class participants or the teacher. Prior to contract termination, adequate warning will be issued. Failure to comply within the time limit will result in contract termination. No payments will be refunded. Furthermore, should a participant take actions that are detrimental to business, the Goethe-Institut Thailand reserves the right to respond adequately.

8. Liability
8.1. The Goethe-Institut is subject to liability – regardless of the legal cause – only in case of gross negligence or intent.
8.2. The Goethe-Institut is also liable in case of ordinary negligence in case of damage resulting in death, injury or harm to health as well as damages for the culpable violation of a material contractual violation.
8.3. Any other contractual or tort claims of the course participant are explicitly precluded.
9. Force majeure
9.1. The Goethe-Institut Thailand shall not be liable for itself nor for its employees in the case of non-fulfillment of contractual obligations or in the case of damages caused by force majeure, in particular fire, water, storm or other natural events, explosion, strike, war, civil unrest or other reasons which lie outside the area of responsibility/influence of the Goethe-Institut Thailand.

10. Applicable law
10.1. The applicable General Terms and Conditions are those published publically on the internet page of the Goethe-Institut Thailand.
This version replaces all previous versions. It is available for consultation on the premises of the Goethe-Institut Thailand.

11. Severance clause
11.1. Should sections or individual formulations in these terms and conditions prove invalid or ineffective, this shall have no effect on the remaining sections and their validity. The ineffective provision shall be replaced by the legally admissible provision that most closely approximates the content and economic effect of the ineffective provision.

12. Language versions
12.1. In cases of doubt, the wording of the German language version is applicable to all translated texts.
Content of the lessons
Our aim is to prepare you, according to your needs, to communicate in German. This involves practising all skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing as well as grammar. In lively, varied lessons you will develop your communicative skills and learn more about communicating with Germans and about our country.
Lesson content will be authentic and you will learn with modern teaching materials. You will be actively involved in the lessons, thus making faster progress. It is important for us that you really enjoy learning German.

Teaching language
From the very first hour, the teaching language is German. In their use of language, your teachers will take into consideration your level of proficiency. This way, you will have the opportunity to train your ear to spoken German from the very start.
Please note: In our literacy classes, due to the special nature of the course, our Thai teachers are required to use Thai for many of their explanations.

Lesson timetables
We offer classes from Monday to Sunday within the hours mentioned below:
mornings 08:30 – 12:00
afternoons 13:00 – 16:30
evenings 18:00 – 19:30
In morning and afternoon courses there is a break from 10:00-10:30 and from 14:30-15:00 respectively.
Here you can find a list of guesthouses and hotels around the Goethe-Institut Bangkok. 
The first day of class

You can find important information and tips for a successful first day in class here.
Certification of attendance
At the end of each course you will be issued with written confirmation of attendance, providing you attended at least 70% of the classes. This is not a qualification certificate. An assessment report can be solicited from the class teacher.
Changes and cancellation of courses
A change of course is possible within the first five days of any course, following consultation with the teacher and the course office.
In case of cancellation prior to the start of the course, course payment will be refunded minus a 500 Baht cancellation fee. Registration and administration fees will not be refunded. In case of cancellation after the start of the course, course payment is not refundable.
For more details, please see point 4 of our General Terms and Conditions.
Course levels
The courses at the Goethe-Institut Thailand follow the levels set out by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR): levels range from A1 (beginners) to C2 (almost mother tongue fluency).
Depending on the length of the course and speed of learning, attainment of the CEFR levels may be spread over several course levels.
Course system - worldwide
The German courses and exams at the Goethe-Institut build upon and complement each other. Each course is systematically linked to the next. That means you can simply continue where you left off - worldwide - and advance level for level.
Learner group
The majority of the learners are of Thai nationality. The size of the group may differ from course to course. The average group size is 14 for super intensive courses, 13 for evening courses and 16 for weekend courses. The maximum number of participants per class is 20.
Length of course
We offer:
Super intensive courses: 80 teaching units in 4 weeks,
Intensive courses: 80 teaching units in 10 weeks and
Extensive courses: 40 teaching units in 10 weeks in the evenings and on weekends.
Minimum age
Course participants must be at least 16 years of age. In the case of specially organized courses for Young Learners (normally during the Thai school holidays) the minimum age is 14.
Age-group representation in our courses is as follows:
  • Aged 18 or younger: 23 %
  • Aged 19 – 25: 34 %
  • Aged 26 – 35: 23 %
  • Aged 36 – 45: 15 %
  • Aged 46 or older: 5 %
(course participant statistics 2014)
Progress enquiries
Information concerning the learning progress of adult participants will only be given to the course participants themselves. They must fill out a form at the course office if they wish to authorize a third party to receive this information.
Repeating a course
Participants who wish to repeat a course in order to gain more confidence are entitled to a discount of 50% of the course payment, providing they book immediately after finishing the course.
Your teachers are either native German speakers or Thais with an excellent command of German. You will be taught by specially young teachers and very experienced instructors.
Our teachers apply modern methodology and a variety of practice techniques. They specialize in the teaching of German as a foreign language and attend regular advanced training courses.

Online classroom
All German course participants have an access to a online classroom, in which there are a class book, an attendance list, a discussion forum and more. Create an account on My and register your customer number. The instructions are here: