Course Level A1

Duration of learning process

The length of time needed to reach your goal depends on your previous knowledge of the language and your own learning behaviour. Fastest and greatest progress is made in our super intensive courses. It is of great importance to participate actively in class, complete homework tasks and, most of all, to put your knowledge of German into practice as much as possible. This will strengthen your confidence in the use of the language.
Warning: You may be approached by strangers on or near the premises of the Goethe-Institut promising you success in the Start Deutsch 1 exam in record time. Use your good judgement and be sceptical. There are no shortcuts to exam success.

Learning German after the A1-exam

Should you wish to live in Germany at some point, you will be required to take an integration course, which consists of a language course and an orientation course. Click integration course to find out more about what this involves.
Please note: The stronger your German, the less time you need to spend learning in Germany. Make good use of your time whilst waiting for your visa after the Start Deutsch 1 exam and continue learning German in Thailand.

Learning pathway (general)

At the Goethe-Institut Bangkok, teaching of the CEFR- Level A1 is spread over 4 courses. Each course comprises 40 teaching units of 45 minutes – a total of 160 teaching units. These 4 courses are labelled as follows:

If you choose a Super Intensive course with 80 teaching units, the course label will be:

Learning pathway for inexperienced learners with no knowledge of latin script

If you have no command of the latin alphabet, you will take part in our 4-week literacy course (80 teaching units). Then you are ready to continue learning according to the A1 3-course model.

Learning pathway for inexperienced learners with knowledge of latin script

If your command of the latin alphabet is not so good, you do the A1 level spread over 3 super intensive courses of 80 teaching units each. These 3 courses are labelled as follows:

Learning pathway towards the A1 examination

All the A1 courses at the Goethe-Institut build upon and complement each other.
Before you take the Start Deutsch 1 exam, you should have successfully completed all the courses.
Tip: Taking an exam before you are ready most often leads to a negative result and may extend the duration of learning. This is in nobody’s interest. Take all the courses which make up the level and take part in the Start Deutsch exam preparatory course before you take the exam.