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Goal orientated and topic specific

We offer an extensive range of special courses on a wide variety of topics. Or are you looking for a course for your company? Or do you want to learn German in a small group?

These courses specifically prepare you for the Goethe-Institut’s internationally recognized certificates. Exercises will familiarize you with the various sections of the written and oral exams, and you will be taught specific exam techniques.

Further Information
The cultural differences between Central Europe and
South East Asia can often lead to misunderstandings and other challenges. The different mentalities, the ways to communicate and the many unspoken rules and conventions can complicate interactions and working relationships between Thais and Germans.
With one of our intercultural trainings, you can prepare yourself and your team to create a more productive work environment and more harmonic intercultural encounters. We offer:
  • IHK-certified trainers (German Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • Communication Workshops and introduction to Codes of Conduct
  • Tools for Intercultural Team Building Strategies
  • German Language Crash Courses
With 60 years of experience in intercultural exchange between Thailand and Germany, the Goethe-Institut is your ideal partner in bringing people together. Contact us to work out a custom-made training program according to your individual needs and goals.
For learners without knowledge of the Latin script, we offer combinations of language classes and reading/writing classes.

These courses appeal to
  • persons who are insufficiently able to read and write or who learned to read and write a long time ago
  • persons who learned to read and write only recently and who still read and write very slowly
Course type Superintensive course ABC
Course duration 4 weeks
Frequency 5 sessionsper week (4 TU per session)
Teaching Units (TU) á 45 minutes 80
Fee 8,900 Baht
Since February 2008, we’ve offered German courses from levels A1-1 to A1-4 all year long to Adults, all students, officers of Thai-German Graduate School of Engineering (TGGS) and King Mongkut University of Technology North Bangkok.

Besides German language courses, we also have cultural programs such as “Afternoon-Film”, “Infos-Day of studying in Germany” and “Information about German courses-point” etc.

For futher informations please email us at  panupong.chantawat@goethe.de
Courses can be organized by request to be designed for small groups, either at one of our institutes or at your location.

If you have questions, please contact our language course office.
In addition to our regular course programme at the Goethe-Institut, we can design tailor-made courses to meet the specific need of your company. You can come to us or we can send a teacher to you.

If you have questions, please contact our language course office.

For corporate clients

You have potential candidates whom you would like to place with institutions and companies in Germany. We offer professional classes, experienced teachers and an environment that ensures the best conditions for learning German. More information.

For nursing staffs

The Skilled Workers Immigration Act makes it easier for skilled workers to obtain a work permit in Germany and to take up work in Germany. This also includes health and nursing professionals. For a work permit and the right visa, you often need German language skills at B2 level in this profession. This can be proven e.g. with the "Goethe-Zertifikat B2". There are also further requirements that you must meet, such as the recognition of your professional training. The German Embassy in Bangkok is responsible for information on visa requirements.
The Goethe-Institut Thailand offers general German courses up to level C1. We currently do not offer a separate program for health and nursing professionals that can be registered for. Instead, we work with agencies who book group courses and exams with us.
If you would like to prepare for your professional migration and work in Germany, you first of all have two options:
  • You learn individually in our German courses to the required level. We offer different learning progressions and periods of time. While learning at the Goethe-Institut Thailand, all offers are available to you, such as the library. Please note that not all courses can always be offered, especially at higher levels (such as B2). This is especially true for evening courses and super-intensive courses from Monday to Friday. You are also responsible for fulfilling other requirements on your own (e.g. recognition of your vocational training, looking for a job, possibly sufficient financial means (in the case of a visa to look for a job), etc.). The Goethe-Institut Thailand cannot help with this. We can only answer questions about the procedure. You have to organize and submit documents, make applications, etc. yourself.
  • You conclude a contract with a specialized agency that e.g. takes care of visa procurement, recognition, job search, etc. while you learn German. Keep in mind that you have to compare many offers (What is the duration of the program? What experience does the agency have? Who is responsible for what tasks? Who takes care of the job search? etc.) and that you should choose an agency who is reputable and reliable and who can show a realistic program. We in general do not give recommendations.

Learning takes time and effort. You should plan enough time to reach level B2. We assume a learning duration of at least 10 to 12 months in a very intensive German course. Learning also means repeating the subject matter, doing homework and preparing for and following up lessons. Practice and listen to German as often as you can. We also offer free self-study materials in our library or online.

You are a skilled worker and have questions about living and working in Germany? Contact our consultants and together we will try to find answers to your questions

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