Exhibition Targets Exhibition of the photographer Herlinde Koelbl

Targets © Herlinde Koelbl

Opening: July 25, 2018 at 18:00 Hrs.

July 31 - September 8, 2018

Goethe-Institut Thailand

Military training targets from around the world.

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Herlinde Koelbl is one of Germany’s most distinguished documentary photographers. In fact, many consider her to be the most influential artist in this field. Koelbl’s photography, which addresses many of the burning issues of our time, has brought her international fame. Examples of her work include her photographic documentary of the refugee crises in the Middle East and the Mediterranean and "Traces of Power", a series of portrait studies of well-known politicians, revealing their transformation over the course of an 8 to 10-year period.
Koelbl’s work is characterized by its moving, pensive confrontation with political and social issues. What makes the Munich-born artist unique is her combination of a journalistic-documentary approach with a high level of artistic sophistication.
The project, "Targets", is another impressive example of her work. Herlinde Koelbl spent years travelling around the world, taking photographs of military training targets in a total of thirty different countries.
Koelbl was interested in how the enemy was portrayed. Is he an abstract figure or does he have a face? Do the shooting ranges show cultural differences? From which angle is the enemy shown?
When it comes to war, we all consider ourselves to be on the right side. However, in combat, it is ultimately the soldiers themselves who are the target. For Koelbl, it was therefore clear that, in “Targets”, portraits of the soldiers should stand alongside the mechanical targets.
A selection of these very moving photographs are on show in the foyer of the Goethe-Institut Thailand. The exhibition is part of the Photo-Bangkok Festival 2018 which takes place at different venues from 28th June until 9th September 2018.