Film screening and discussion Bookparty #2: The Collini Case

Bookparty #2: The Collini Case © Goethe-Institut Thailand

Sa., August 18, 2018 at 17.30 hrs

Documentary Club Theatre, Warehouse 30

Programme rundown:
17:00 Doors open
17:30 Talk “Moral and Justice - Ferdinand von Schirach” by Dr. Worachet Pakeerut
18:45 Film Screening “Self-Defense” based on "Crime" by Ferdinand von Schirach (German soundtrack, English subtitle)
Post chat + discussion

After a successful inaugural event in May, yet another Book Party will grace the Goethe-Institut library to celebrate the new Thai language release of the novel “The Collini Case” by German author Ferdinand von Schirach. This event will dive deeply into the book's themes, specifically concerning morality and ethical thresholds.

“Khadee Collini” (Der Fall Collini/ The Collini Case)
“What drives a man, who has never done anything wrong in his life time, to become a murderer?“

“The Collini Case” details the court case of murderer Fabrizio Collini, a quiet and unassuming man with no previous indications of hurting anyone before his crime. The book prompts questions and discussion about the human psyche and how it can lead a man to extreme and seemingly destructive motives.

Ferdinand von Schirach (born 1964 in Munich) is a German lawyer and writer. His past mandates include the former Politbüro member Günther Schabowski, the former BND spy Norbert Juretzko, and numerous prominent figures and characters of the underworld. Shortly after publishing is his first short stories at age 45, he became one of Germany's most successful authors. His books, which have been translated into more than 35 languages, have sold millions of copies worldwide and have made him an internationally celebrated star of German literature.

Before “The Collini Case,” the short story “Crime” had been translated into Thai by the same translator Choedchawee Saengchandr. Both translations were published by Rahaskhadee Publishing house with support from the Goethe-Institut.

“Moral and Justice - Ferdinand von Schirach” – a talk by Prof. Dr. Worachet Pakeerut

What is morality? What is justice? And do they both correspond? Ferdinand von Schirach has a knack for putting these kinds of legal philosophical questions into his writing. Prof. Dr. Worachet Pakeerut will highlight these questions specifically as well as other legal aspects that appear in “The Collini Case”.

Worachet Pakeerut completed his law degree in 1990 from Thammasart University. Thereafter he was granted the “Ananda Mahidol” scholarship to study at University of Göttingen, where he eventually earned his Ph.D. Worachet is currently teaching law at Thammasart University. His teaching fields include constitutional law, administrative law, and philosophy of law. Worachet Pakeerut is also interested in literature and is a personal fan of von Schirach's originally published works.

Self-Defense (2013)

43 Minutes, directed by Jobst Christian Oetzmann

At a bus terminal, a nameless man was attacked by two young men. Though, they were armed with a baseball bat and a knife, he fought them off and killed them with their own weapons. Other than cigarettes and a conspicuous amount of cash he carried, the only thing he had with him was the card from a renowned law firm. The identity of this man could not be clarified. He remained silent and must be discharged, even though he obviously had a dark secret with him.