Exhibition »Invisible Things«

Unsichtbare Dinge © TCDC

June 14 – September 15

Opening: June 13, 2019 at 14:00 Hrs.

Gallery Room at TCDC (Grand Postal Building, Charoenkrung Rd.)

Invisible Things are coming to Bangkok

After the successful Opening in Chiang Mai the touring exhibition Invisible Things makes its next stop at the TCDC in Bangkok. It is a project about shared connection, self-perception and awareness of others, about stereotypes and the truth within.

What is typical Thai? What’s typical German? Is it how we see ourselves? Or how we see each other? – The project approaches these questions in various ways. The core part is a selection of everyday things which seem trivial, because one can find them in almost every household - but in fact they reveal a lot about our habits, traditions, history and mentality. 
These objects are complemented by portray photos of middle class families at home, in their natural habitat. We see how they pose for the photographer, how they dress for the occasion and how their homes are furnished and decorated. 
Furthermore there will be short films on the questions “What is typical Thai?”, produced by students in Germany, and “What is typical German?” produced by students in Thailand.
Finally there is to be a guest book, inviting the exhibition visitors to leave comments or drawings on the same questions. 
So »Invisible Things« is not just an exhibition - it is a dialogue between two different cultures and an interactive experiment with the spectators.