Film screening System Crasher

SYS Crasher © kineo Film, Weydemann Bros., Yunus Roy Imer Germany, 119min., 2017-2019, Age rating: 12 years+
Director: Nora Fingscheidt
With Helena Zengel, Albrecht Schuch, Gabriela Maria Schmeide

Benni, a sensitive but impetuous young girl, is a “System Crasher”. That is what they call kids who break all the rules, consistently refuse structures and who are shuttled from one care home to another exhausting all the opportunities German Child- and Youth Care has to offer. No matter where the nine-year-old gets a placement, she is expelled again in no time. But that is exactly what she intends to achieve since she wants to live with her own mother again - a woman, who is ill-equipped and unable to cope with her daughter’s unpredictable behavior. This is a very intense drama about a child who has an inherent potential for violence but also a wild longing for love and protection. The film also shows the relentless attempts of carers and psychologists who try to create a promising perspective for those children through respect and trust and by placing confidence in kids who are threatening to destroy themselves and others with their damaging outbursts. (Berlinale-Cataloge)

The actors are fantastic, especially the little lead actress, Helena Zengel. In one particular scene, she sends out a repetitive, heart-rending scream of “Mamaa! Mamaa! Mamaa!” which echoes out over the moor bringing not only the actress to tears, but also the hardened film critics at the Berlinale Palace.

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German Film Week 2019