VRwandlung: THE ART OF IMMERSIVE STORYTELLING © Goethe-Institut Thailand

November 16, 2019, 14:00 Hrs

Library, Goethe-Institut Thailand

Be the first ones who become GREGOR SAMSA and join a special talk with our three guest speakers who have been working internationally using virtual reality technology in creative and educational fields.

THE ART OF IMMERSIVE STORYTELLING - an afternoon talk with:
Ján Tompkins/ Installation supervisor of VRwandlung
Jennifer Katanyoutanant/ Artist, creative director and founder of Made In Asia
Sufee Yama/ Extended reality artist
Moderator: Pattarasuda Anuman-Rajadhon

About the speakers

Ján Tompkins
Initially joining the VRwandlung team as a Social Media assistant, his passion to the project has led Ján Tompkins to the more central role of installation supervisor. With the VRwandlung, he has been travelling to many countries such as Ukraine, South Korea, Slovakia and Bangladesh. Besides the installation process, it’s always interesting for him to see how visitors react and perceive this virtual adaption of Franz Kafka’s masterpiece. He will travel from Prague for the installation in Bangkok and is looking forward to sharing his experiences with us here.

Jennifer Katanyoutanant
Jennifer Katanyoutanant is an artist, creative director, and organizer who develops cultural communities at the intersection of art, technology, and society. Her work explores tangible manifestations of complex data structures, the reciprocal relationship between personal and global systems, and their influence on culture, identity, and media. She founded Made In Asia, a consultancy that curates, produces, and designs programming that explores the impact of emerging technology on our future society. In 2019, she took part in the Acts of Life critical research residency hosted by Goethe-Institut Singapore and Goethe-Institut Philippines. The resulting video work and installation debuted in the Acts of Life group exhibition in Manila. 

Sufee Yama
Sufee Yama is an independent Bangkok-based artist who made a transition from working on traditional media to virtual technologies. With her passion to bridge virtual space and physical reality together, Sufee Yama exhibits and collaborates internationally and has been leading several workshops on creative AR, VR and MR storytelling. To push forward the Thai new art community, she currently works at the Utopia Lab, Matdot Contemporary Art Center, which is expected to be opened in 2020.