Nomituya Baasankhuu

Nomintuya Baasankhuu Photo: Nomintuya Baasankhuu

Nomintuya Baasankhuu is a graduate of Columbia University and the National University of Mongolia, and a Fulbright Scholar. She is a former professional contortionist, in which capacity she toured 22 countries around the world. She is currently the Deputy Executive Director of Arts Council of Mongolia; through her curatorial practice she focuses on nourishing multi-stakeholder partnership for sustainable development and promotes cultural diversity for positive social impact. Nomintuya is currently leading the Ulaanbaatar International Media Arts Festival, which promotes collaboration at the intersection of arts, science and technology.

  • Migration Memories, 2019 © Byambanyam Urtnasan
    Migration Memories, 2019
  • Migratory Thoughts, 2018 © Ikhbayar Urchuudd
    Migratory Thoughts, 2018
  • Shambala, 2019 © Ikhbayar Urchuudd
    Shambala, 2019

"Нүүдэл-move" & "Cуудал-seat"

Nomintuya Baasankhuu proposes Нүүдэл-move, a train trip to Gobi with mobile installations, performances, and talks. Нүүдэл-move will invite contributors including scholars, artists, curators, and chefs for shared experiences via talks, documentations, performances, and installations throughout the journey and at its destination in Gobi. 
Нүүдэл (‘nuudel’) and Суудал (‘suudal’) are the words Mongolians use for migration. Нүүдэл refers to any movement of peoples, animal, nature; often, to the seasonal movement of a nomadic family from a land suited for one season to that suited for another. Cуудал, on the other hand, is a word that can refer to both a literal, physical seat and (as in the English ‘seat of power’) of the authority one gains through position. Together they define the practice of movement and settlement which we know as migration.
The documentation of the train trip will be presented in Cуудал-seat at the Ulaanbaatar International Media Arts Festival 2019, as well as at the project exhibition in Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, Korea. As the director of the Ulaanbaatar International Media Arts Festival, Nomintuya Baasankhuu, together with the participating curators of the 'migration' project, will present the untold stories of migration in the contributing countries, mainly through video works, alongside a timeline of migration practices in Mongolia. The festival will be accompanied by talks by curators and artists.