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Internationaler Hilfsfonds

For Cultural and Educational Organisations
2021 International Aid Fund

The Federal Foreign Office, Goethe-Institut and other intermediary organisations of cultural relations and education policy, together with partners from the foundation sector have joined forces to set up a short-term international aid fund for cultural and educational institutions contributing to the safeguarding of pluralistic societies. In doing so, they wish consciously to expand their existing activities in a crisis situation and to address structural needs in order to support partners abroad and secure their existence. It is particularly important in times such as these to conduct an intensive public dialogue. A focus is being placed here on organisations active in culture and the arts and on areas that due to their innovative and open cultural (media) activities serve as points of contact for social actors contributing to the safeguarding of pluralistic societies.
The aid fund is intended to provide short-term assistance in promoting projects limited in time and purpose for the preservation, restoration and expansion of infrastructure where other funding sources have dried up due to the pandemic. It can also be used to absorb additional costs such as those associated with reconnecting or developing new digital formats.

The aid fund is intended to support the preservation of independent and sustainable local organisational structures. In order to achieve this objective, structural costs can be subsidised that arise in connection with the execution of supported projects or are necessary for successfully carrying out a proposed structure-enhancing project.
Structure-enhancing projects in [Land der Ausschreibung zu ergänzen] and in other countries outside the European Union are eligible for funding, particularly in countries in which there are no or only very limited alternative support opportunities available for cultural and educational organisations to cope with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The funds will be allocated by the Goethe-Institut or the partners involved in the consortium.
The funding instrument is addressed at organisations that make a contribution through their cultural work to safeguarding a pluralistic society. It is a significant asset if applicant organisations have already demonstrated a high level of administrative reliability in the past when collaborating with the Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institut or other cultural mediators or foundations involved in the consortium. Proof of previous successful collaboration itself is required in any event (cf. 7 below). To submit an application, organisations must take part in the tender for projects. Institutions meeting the following criteria are entitled to take part:
  • Cultural organisations with a proven impact on civil society
  • At least three years of continuous activity in the cultural / civil society sector 
Applicant organisations undertake to submit proof of employment of funds for the total amount of funds received and a report on the subsidised measures at the end of the funding period in the event that they are awarded funding.
Funding will go to projects running from September 2021 to February 2022. The maximum individual funding for organisations may not exceed EUR 30,000.
The decision on funding and the amount thereof will be made by a jury comprising representatives of the partners in the consortium plus external experts.
The submission deadline for project applications for aid fund support is 07.05.2021

Documents to be submitted

  • Self-portrayal of the organisation in English or German (max. one Word page)
  • Statement of past collaboration with the Federal Foreign Office (embassy), the Goethe-Institut or another of the organisations involved in the consortium (as part of the self-portrayal, proof must be submitted)
  • Informative statement of opinion of the local embassy, local Goethe-Institut or another of the organisations involved in the consortium (max. one Word page)
  • Informative statement of opinion of two distinguished individuals of standing in civil society (local language possible)
  • Proof of due and proper management and fulfilment of the criteria for funding: completion and submission of a form created for this purpose including further documents such as annual financial statements (local language possible)
  • Description and cost plan of the project to be funded for the year 2021 in English, German or French (max. 1.5 Word pages of continuous text plus supporting tables)
  • Description of the financial distress brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic in English, German or French (max. one Word page)

International Aid Fund

Applications may be submitted from 08.04.2021 to 07.05.2021 12.00 am CET via the online portal of the Goethe-Institut. The access link can be obtained from your local Goethe-Institut or mission abroad. 
The planned start of funding for successful applications is 01.09.2021.


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