Renate Welsh

© Jacqueline Godany
© Jacqueline Godany
Renate Welsh



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Renate Welsh was born in 1937 in Vienna. After completing high school she studied English, Spanish and comparative literature for two years, then worked as a translator at the British Council in Vienna. Since 1969 she has written many socially committed books for children and young people, for which she has received numerous awards, including several Austrian Youth Literature Prizes, the Viennese Youth Literature Prize, and the German Youth Literature Prize. In 1995 she received the Österreichischer Würdigungspreis in recognition of her life work. Renate Welsh lives today in Vienna.

Selected bibliography

  • Dieda oder das fremde Kind, 2006
  • Vor Taschendieben wird gewarnt, 2005
  • Johanna, 2001
  • Besuch aus der Vergangenheit, 1999
  • Max, der Neue, 1999
  • Sonst bist du dran!, 1999
  • Das Vamperl, 1998
  • Eine Krone aus Papier, 1992
  • Drachenflügel, 1988 (Turkish: Ejderha kanadı, trans. Ayça Sabuncuoğlu, Türkiye İş Bankası Kültür publishing company)


“Which Anne are you talking about?” – “The one with the handicapped brother.” How could Lea have said that? Anne doesn’t want any sympathy, either for herself or for Jakob. Because of her love for her brother, Anne builds a protective wall around herself and her family. She isolates herself more and more from her surroundings – and from her friend Lea. But Lea is persistent, and it’s not so easy to get rid of her...

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