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Call for Projects Opened!

From 1st of May until 11th of July 2020, artists and cultural practitioners of all art genres from Burundi, Cameroon, Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Togo can apply for funding of coproductive projects dealing with (German) colonial past and its impacts on contemporary society.

The Burden of Memory is a platform for cultural practitioners from Africa who work on the confrontation with German colonial past in their countries in various artistic forms. In 2018 a group of seven experts conducted a mapping of contemporary cultural productions dealing with German colonial history in Burundi, Cameroon, Germany, Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Togo. Their findings were brought together in a conference in Daressalam (Tanzania) and published. Based on this first inventory a curatorial team consisting of Princess Marilyn Douala Manga Bell, Rose Jepkorir Kiptum and Nontobeko Ntombela formed the concept for a cultural week bringing selected formats together and curated The Burden of Memory. Considering German Colonial History in Africa. In November 2019 artists from six countries in Africa and Germany were invited to participate in this cultural week in Yaoundé (Cameroon) to present their cultural productions reflecting German colonial history and its impacts on contemporary society. During the event, over a hundred artists, cultural practitioners and intellectuals from countries that had experienced a period of German colonial rule in Africa got into contact, presented their works, discussed and created a network.

In continuation of the project, the Goethe-Institut has set up a special fund for future cultural co-productions that bring about new artistic positions on (German) colonialism beyond national borders. The fund offers to artists of all genres the possibility to cooperate across borders on new formats and create visions how to deal with the entanglements and tragedies caused by German colonialism in Africa.

With the Burden of Memory Project Fund the Goethe-Institut supports inner-African exchange of artists and their innovative ideas. The facilitation of such an exchange and networking between the artists is as important as the productions resulting from the fund.

The projects will be selected based on innovative approach of the project, expected artistic quality of the project, cross-border aspect and proof of feasibility under restricted travel conditions.

We call upon artists from Burundi, Cameroon, Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Togo to propose projects in cooperation with partners and apply for the fund.

Further information and Application Form in English please find here:

The Burden of Memory is a project coordinated by the Goethe-Institutes Cameroon and Namibia.