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BarCamp(c) Goethe-Institut

On/Off: Creating the New Normal

This year book fairs and festivals have been cancelled, and professional meetings of the book industry could not take place due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. To fill this gap, Goethe-Institut Ukraine has initiated the first Online-BarCamp: On/Off: Creating The New Normal. It has been implemented in co-operation with Book Arsenal, Frankfurter Buchmesse, and the Goethe-Institut Ukraine, supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.


What is barcamp

​The BarCamp is a participatory conference in which the participants can shape their own program. It offers a lot of space for exchange and networking. The online-BarCamp: On/Off: Creating the New Normal is an intense gathering event, which engages professionals from the book industry in Ukraine, Germany, Georgia, France, Switzerland, Baltic countries and Belarus, to network and discuss online/offline issues concerning fairs/festivals, book promotions, and visual storytelling.


tracks(c) Goethe-Institut

The BarCamp will centre around three challenges in creating the new normal: Fairs and Festivals / Book Promotions / Visual Storytelling. In between will be enough time for informal networking and professional exchanges. Speakers from Germany and Ukraine will offer input on topics at the virtual book stands for publishers, online/offline models for book fairs, and best book design contests.


timeline(c) Goethe-Institut


Svetlana Jakel (c) Svetlana Jakel

Svetlana Jakel

Track: Book Design & Illustration
CEO, Illustrators’ and motion designers’ agency Kombinarotweiß

 Hendrik Hellige (с) Frankfurter Buchmesse

Hellige Hendrik

Track: Festivals & Fairs 
Director Visual Culture & Children’s books at Frankfurter Buchmesse, responsible for Strategy, Business Development and Curating.

Roland Große Holtforth (с) Roland Große Holtforth

Roland Große Holtforth

Track: Marketing tools for publishers 
CEO, PR & Marketing agency Literaturtest and speaker of the digital task force in the German publishers‘ association Börsenverein.

Olga Zakrevska Olga Zakrevska

Iryna Baturevych

Iryna Baturevych — co-founder of the Chytomo media project (NGO), head of the analytical department of the Ukrainian Book Institute, the publishing markets observer. 

Thilo Schmid (c)Thilo Schmid

Thilo Schmid

Track: Marketing tools for publishers 
Managing Director for Marketing and Sales, Verlagsgruppe Oetinger

Julia Bernhard © Julia Bernhard

Julia Bernhard

Track: Illustration & Book Design 
Illustrator, Max & Moritz Prize 2020 for the best German comic debut, working for the New Yorker, 100,000+ Followers on Instagram


Benjamin Kiehn / Track: Festivals & Fairs / Slot: Online/Offline model for a successful, local book fair / 4:00 – 5:00 pm (c) Benjamin Kiehn

Benjamin Kiehn

Track: Festivals & Fairs 
Сonvention producer & Events consultant 

May Lee (c) May Lee

Sofia Cheliak

Culture manager, translator from the Czech language into Ukrainian, Program Director of Lviv international BookForum.

Eismunt (Eismunt)

Olena Semenyuk

PR & Marketing professional at the Old Lion Publishing House (Lviv, Ukraine)

Kaharina Hesse (c)Gaby Gerster

Kaharina Hesse

 Executive Manager of Stiftung Buchkunst (German Bookart Foundation) based in Frankfurt and Leipzig. 

Dana Pavlychko Dana Pavlychko

Dana Pavlychko

Co-founder of the Ukrainian Young Book Design Awards and director at Osnovy Publishing. 


Kateryna Babkina (c) Valentyn Kuzan

Kateryna Babkina

Main moderator of the BarCamp. Young and established Ukrainian writer and screenwriter.

Yuliia Kozlovets (c) Oleksandr Popenko

Yuliia Kozlovets

Coordinator of the International Book Arsenal Festival, Curator of the Kids&Teens Program

Oksana Shchur (c) Oleksandr Popenko

Oksana Shchur

Curator of the Literary Laboratory at the Mystetskyi Arsenal, literary critic.

​Dzvinka Pinchuk (c) Kochetova-Nabozhniak

​Dzvinka Pinchuk

Translator, coordinator of translation festival "TRANSLATORIUM", translation officer in House of Europe program

Yevheina Haidamaka Yevheina Haidamaka

Yevheinia Haidamaka

Award-winning illustrator, professor of Illustration and Foundation studies at SCAD. Fulbright Alumna, TEDx speaker, Red Dot Award recipient. 

Oleksandr Mykhed (c) Valentyn Kuzan

Oleksandr Mykhed

 Ukrainian writer and curator of art projects.

Mykola Kovalchuk (c) Evhenia Perutska

Mykola Kovalchuk

Ukrainian book designer, lecturer, jury member of Book design contest 


Wladimir Kaminer (DE) (c) Zintel

Wladimir Kaminer (DE)

German writer, DJ, journalist and filmmaker, lives in Berlin, the first book "Russendisko" was published in 2000.

Serhiy Zhadan (UA) (c) Oleksandr Popenko

Serhiy Zhadan (UA)

Ukrainian poet, novelist, translator, public activist,  frontman of "Zhadan i Sobaky" and "Liniya Mannergeimu" bands. 

Musician, DJ, producer and radio broadcaster from Berlin (c) Maciej Komorowski

Yury Gurzhy (DE)

Musician, DJ, producer and radio broadcaster from Berlin. Currently hosts music talks, works on
several soundtracks and participates in the ongoing “2020 Troubadours”

The closing event will be an exclusive performance for participants by Serhiy Zhadan (UA), Wladimir Kaminer (DE), and Yuriy Gurzhy (DE). They will perform new texts referring to the Corona-Crisis combined with music. A video of the performance will be made available to a wider audience after the BarCamp.

Who can apply

Professionals from the book industry whose profile is relative to the program theme can apply.

​Please note:
We can invite to participate at the BarCamp only one participant from each organisation/company.
The working language of the BarCamp will be in English.

Join the BarCamp!

join © Goethe-Institut


Call for Applications opens from 20 July 2020 until 31 July 2020 at the website of Goethe-Institute Ukraine and Mystetsky Arsenal