No Room For Gerold


Germany 2006, 35 mm, Dolby Stereo, colour, with dialogue, 5 min., 3D computer animation, 4:3
Director, Screenwriter, Director of Photography, Editor: Daniel Nocke; Animation: Anja Perl, Heidi Wittlinger, Volker Willmann; Music: Floridan Studios; Production: Thomas Meyer-Hermann;
After ten years of living together, the flatmates of crocodile Gerold decide it’s time for him to move out. Does the new flatmate, gnu Ellen, have anything to do with this? Whether intrigue is at play or not – the wild days of the past are over and nothing but memories now.

Daniel Nocke

was born in Hamburg in 1968. From 1994 to 1999 he studied Scriptwriting and Animated Film at the Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg. Today he lives and works in Hamburg as a screenwriter and maker of animated films.
Filmography: Ach Kinder (1994), Die Fischerswitwe (1996), Der Peitschenmeister (1997/98), Schnee von gestern (1999), Die Trösterkrise (1999), Der Moderne Zyklop (2002), 12 Years (2009)
Awards: Eksjö Animation Festival, Sweden, 2007: Award for the best animated film; Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation, 2007: Murnau Short Film Award; Short Tiger Award, 2006; Wiesbaden Film Assessment Board Rating, 2006: “Highly Commended” and “Short Film of the Month May”

Lernmaterialien Filmschule DaF

For the film „Kein Platz für Gerold“, there are various and culturally different approaches. Version 1 was developed in Bangalore/South India with Indian students. Version 2 was developed in Boston and San Francisco with American students.

Gerold - Arbeitsblätter - Alternative 1 (PDF, 400 KB)
Gerold - Hinweise für Lehrende - Alternative 1 (PDF, 20 KB)
Gerold - Arbeitsblätter - Alternative 2 (PDF, 78 KB)
Gerold - Hinweise für Lehrende - Alternative 2 (PDF, 50 KB)