Germany 2001; Digital betacam, Dolby SR, colour, with dialogues, 8,30 min, cartoon and 3D computer animation, 16:9
Director, Screenplay, Director of Photography, Editor, Animation: Chris Stenner, Heidi Wittlinger, Arvid Uibel; Music: Roland Hackl; Production: Georg gruber for Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg;
Hew and Kew, two old stones, watch as the centuries pass by. For a long while, nothing much happens in their stony old lives until one day, when the first humans appear The emergence of humankind, however, remains merely an interlude for Hew and Kew. After the clamour and commotion subsides, silence returns...

Chris Stenner,

born 1971, spent three years in Ireland before studying anthropology, philosophy and English in Mainz. From 1998 to 2004 he studied animation at the Film Academy of Baden Württemberg. He works as an animator for various production companies.
Filmography: Zeit spielt keine Spielchen (1999); Mann im Mond (1999, Co-Regie mit Arvid Uibel)

Arvid Uibel,

born 1978, worked as a 3D designer in Cologne and studied animation at the Film Academy of Baden-Württemberg. He died in 2000.
Filmography: Nichts Neues (1999), Mann im Mond (1999, Co-Regie mit Chris Stenner)

Heidi Wittlinger,

born 1978, studied at the Film Academy of Baden-Württemberg from 1998 to 2004. She then worked for Studioaka in London. She now works as an animator, designer and illustrator in Berlin.
Filmography: Ei (1999), No Limits (2004), Sheepless (2004)
Awards: Fantoche, Baden, Schweiz 2003: audience award; 29th Annual Student Academy Awards, Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA: nominated for Student Academy Award 2003; Made in Germany, Hamburg, 2002: audience award; Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden: judged “very worthwhile”

Lernmaterialien Filmschule DaF

For the film „Das Rad“, there are various and culturally different approaches. Version 1 was developed in Bangalore/South India with Indian students. Version 2 was developed in San Francisco with American students.

Das Rad - Arbeitsblätter - Alternative 1 (PDF, 156 KB)
Das Rad - Hinweise für Lehrende - Alternative 1 (PDF, 33 KB)
Das Rad - Arbeitsblätter - Alternative 2 (PDF, 313 KB)
Das Rad - Hinweise für Lehrende - Alternative 2 (PDF, 40 KB)