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About the Project

About the Project

The film didactics project Kurz & Gut macht Schule began in 2005 with a series of 9 film shorts and continued with an additional 11 animation shorts in 2012. This short film collection has found friends around the world. In several countries the films belong to the foundation of advanced German As a Foreign Language teaching. The film didactical adaptation of the film shorts collection of 2005 has been updated, improved and augmented.

Julia Koch Ivy Thomas

Detlef Gericke-Schönhagen
Dr. Anne Renate Schönhagen
Kurt Fendt
Underlying the project is the experience and expertise of Julia Koch (Goethe-Institut San Francisco), Ivy Thomas and Anne Renate Schönhagen (Goethe-Institut Bangalore), Detlef Gericke-Schönhagen (Goethe-Institut Boston) and Kurt Fendt (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston). All adaptations represent the latest research in film didactics.

In the USA, the use of film shorts has proven worthwhile throughout the educational system. They are well received in film and German classes at high schools, colleges and universities, in Goethe-Institut language classes and in the American Association of Teacher in German (AATG) teacher training seminars. In the Asiatic region, the films are particularly popular with German learners from India.

Project Director: Detlef Gericke-Schönhagen

Project Management: Carola Ferber

Project Consultant: Sigrid Savelsberg

Film Selection: Detlef Gericke-Schönhagen, Carola Ferber, Julia Koch, Renate Schönhagen

Film Jury of Students: Nora Gest, Jan Gestigkeit, Christopher Schönhagen, Katharina Schönhagen, Leonie Schönhagen

Film Didactics: Julia Koch, San Francisco; Ivy Thomas, Bangalore; Renate Schönhagen, Bangalore; Kurt Fendt, Cambridge; Detlef Gericke-Schönhagen, Boston

Film Didactics Editors: Christl Reissenberger, Ulrike Würz

Web Design: Tanja Hoffmann

Graphic Design (DVDs): VOR

These DVDs are intended for use in non-commercial educational settings including at schools, universities and continuing education institutions.

Financed with special funds from the German Foreign Office