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Your students deserve the world. Start with Germany© GAPP / B. Ludewig

Your students deserve the world Start with Germany!
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GAPP supports teachers like you© GAPP / B. Ludewig

GAPP supports your student exchange

Since 1972, GAPP has facilitated enriching exchanges between schools in the US and Germany. A GAPP exchange opens students’ hearts and minds to German culture, people, and daily life. The lessons they learn and friendships they make while living with and hosting their exchange partner last a lifetime.


Travel is important for young people. It opens their minds and broadens their horizons. It helps to make the world a better place when we can break down stereotypes and begin to share ideas and communicate with each other—when we can see that we are more alike than we are different."

Ms. Thompson, Mount Pleasant High School, Wilmington, Delaware

Quote© GAPP / B. Ludewig

Frequently asked questions

Most US schools find their partner schools through—an online forum that enables German and foreign schools worldwide to establish international partnerships. Create your school's profile and get in contact with German schools looking for a partner school in the US.
Teachers and schools are responsible for coordinating their exchanges. The flexibility allows you to arrange your group’s travel to Germany (and hosting of your German exchange partner group) to best fit the needs of your students and school.
GAPP exchanges must last 14 days or longer, with at least 10 days spent with a host family and 5 days attending their school.
GAPP exchanges cost each student $1,200–$3,200 on average. Exact pricing depends on the size of your student group and where in the US you’re flying out from. Costs are generally low because students stay with their host families free of charge for the majority of the trip. Plus, GAPP offers travel grants and scholarships to qualifying schools and students.
We offer travel grants for coordinators and airfare subsidies for both coordinators and their student groups, depending on their region of departure. GAPP also offers scholarships for individual students who want to participate in the exchange, but can’t afford a trip to Europe.
Find your partner school, fill out the questionnaire, and we’ll send you the grant application forms. To apply for individual student scholarships, please email or call us and ask for details.

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