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At the Goethe-Institut in the U.S., we publish content that conveys a comprehensive image of modern Germany and encourages international dialogue while highlighting the local culture. We also tailor our website to readers in our neighboring countries, Mexico and Canada.


Key Visual Eliten EN Igor Miske © Unsplash

The Elite in the Arts

What power drives art to change? What causes new forms of expression and new styles? How does the new come into the world? American and German theoreticians show how the arts continue to develop in sudden leaps and bounds from the tension between popular and elite tendencies.

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Interns infront of a colorful Goethe sign. @Goethe-Institut

Goethe Intern

Clear the stage for Season 5 of the #goetheintern series! Get to know the new interns, learn about their favorite fall activities in the American capital, and experience the exciting move into our new office firsthand.

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Media and Technology

The Big Pond – A US-German Listening Series .

The Big Pond

In the podcast series “The Big Pond,” radio journalists from the US and Germany tell stories on a wide variety of topics – such as music, sports, history, religion, language, or society.

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Axolotl liest © Olivia Vieweg

Comics from Germany

German-language comics have come a long way since their beginnings, from classics by Wilhelm Busch and Rolf Kauka and the avant-garde of the 90s to today's graphic novels. We take a look back at the last decades of German comic history and speak with some of the protagonists in the scene.

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Image: have you ever felt invisible © Goethe-Institut/Loredana La Rocca

Worlds of Homelessness

Worlds of Homelessness proposes an interdisciplinary and global engagement with homelessness and its connections to inequality, gentrification, racism and migration. The project creates a platform for local and international artists, architects and scholars to come together to share ideas.

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