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Books, clapperboards and coloured circles stream out of a laptop.Illustration: Maria Tran Larsen © Goethe-Institut

Using the Onleihe on a PC or Laptop

On this page we show you how to use the eLibrary Onleihe containing more than 23,000 German language media on your PC or laptop. More information about our Onleihe collection of media is available on Onleihe: The digital library

Step 1: Registration at Mein Goethe.de

To use the Onleihe, a one-time registration is required via our website at Mein Goethe.de. If you do not yet have an account on our website, please register. Registration and use of the media are free of charge. 


Step 2: Activate Onleihe

After logging in, click the menu item "My eLibrary" and then click “Log in”. 
Activate Onleihe

Step 3: Download a medium

Access our eLibrary Onleihe and borrow a medium from our collection. 


You can now read borrowed e-books, e-papers and e-magazines directly in your browser. More information on the Onleihe help page.