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Wooden boarding of the Wiesn box with work glove© Goethe-Institut Washington

Wiesn in a Box

What better way to celebrate German-American friendship than with a year of traveling Oktoberfests? With our three “Wiesn in a Box” trailers, we’re bringing beer, pretzels, and a modern Oktoberfest vibe to towns across America. We’ve combined Bauhaus style architecture with the latest Bavarian beats to bring Americans coast to coast a truly unique Oktoberfest experience, a year-long toast to our historic ties. Prost to German-American friendships, old and new! 

Nov 23–Dec 23, 2018
We’re here! Atlanta Christkindl Market

Atlantic Station
Atlanta, GA 30363

Experience the Wiesn

  • Fresh crispy pretzel
    Nothing better than a fresh crispy pretzel!
    Savannah, Jacksonville
  • Young man with beer mug
    Prost! Enjoying the refreshing taste of a cold German beer. Greg, Montréal
  • Young woman on a Bavarian picknick
    Let’s get together and have a good time!
    Zita, Rosenheim

Wiesn Tour

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Vocabulary and Music

Bavarian Vocabulary in an animated GIF © Goethe-Institut

Fun Facts and phrases
Wiesn vocabulary

Sound like a true Münchener while you’re prost-ing with your friends! Our list below contains the most important words and expressions you’re likely to encounter while stumbling around the Wiesn of Oktoberfest. This collection reflects the uniqueness of the Bavarian dialect, containing words that even Germans from other parts of the country might not be familiar with. Enjoy, Gaudi!

Bavarian music man Foto: Pixabay, CC0

Get into the Oktoberfest spirit
Spotify playlist “Wiesn”

Just “hoomp tataa”? Far from it! Wiesn revelers nowadays enjoy more than traditional Oktoberfest hits. Listen in here for a quirky and funky twist on the classics, the sound of Bavaria today.

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