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Wiesn in a Box

What better way to celebrate German-American friendship than with a year of traveling Oktoberfests? With our three “Wiesn in a Box” trailers, we’re bringing beer, pretzels, and a modern Oktoberfest vibe to towns across America. We’ve combined Bauhaus style architecture with the latest Bavarian beats to bring Americans coast to coast a truly unique Oktoberfest experience, a year-long toast to our historic ties. Prost to German-American friendships, old and new! 

AUGUST 25 - 29, 2019
“Wiesn in a Box” AT BURNING MAN

Burning Man
8:30 & Esplanade
Black Rock City, NV

March 9-Sept. 15, 2019
“Wiesn in a Box” at Georgia Beer Garden

Georgia Beer Garden
420 Edgewood Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30312

Experience the Wiesn

  • Brett at Omaha Event
    It's just so good!
    Brett, Omaha, NE
  • James @ HMWR
    You all coming here means a lot to me and this community, life is less complicated with a beer in the hand.
    James, Minneapolis, MN
  • Jeff @ OWW
    Good beer. Wunderbar pretzels. Who knew "wunderbar" means "wonderful" in German? Really enjoyed getting to see this cool project.
    Jeff, Eagle, WI
  • Gary OKC Goethe-Institut
    Enjoyed drinking a German beer and eating a pretzel at Wiesn in a Box while conversing with the staff. Makes me want to visit Bavaria.
    Gary, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Felicitas @ SXSW Goethe-Institut
    It was great to connect with Wiesn in a Box, what a cool event!
    Felicitas, Austin, TX

Wiesn Tour

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Follow the Wiesn boxes on their trip through the US and share your pictures with #wiesninabox.
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Vocabulary and Music

Bavarian Vocabulary in an animated GIF © Goethe-Institut

Fun Facts and phrases
Wiesn vocabulary

Sound like a true Münchener while you’re prost-ing with your friends! Our list below contains the most important words and expressions you’re likely to encounter while stumbling around the Wiesn of Oktoberfest. This collection reflects the uniqueness of the Bavarian dialect, containing words that even Germans from other parts of the country might not be familiar with. Enjoy, Gaudi!

Feisty Kitty Kater

Spotify Playlist #7
Feisty Kitty Kater

Beware! The Kater [German for hangover, literally meaning a male cat] can be a brutally savage fellow if provoked. To be avoided at all costs are: Mondays, exhausting chores, and exercises of memory—like trying to remember what the hell happened last night!

Just the same old “hoomp tataa”? Far from it! Our themed Spotify playlists feature an eclectic mix of modern music from Germany, the US, and even some places in between. Each list is inspired by moments along our transatlantic trek, from Munich to Texas and beyond. Tune in to the “Wiesn in a Box” tour! 

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