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Wiesn in a Box

What better way to celebrate German-American friendship than with a year of traveling Oktoberfests? With our three “Wiesn in a Box” trailers, we’re bringing beer, pretzels, and a modern Oktoberfest vibe to towns across America. We’ve combined Bauhaus style architecture with the latest Bavarian beats to bring Americans coast to coast a truly unique Oktoberfest experience, a year-long toast to our historic ties. Prost to German-American friendships, old and new! 

February 15-17, 2019
“Wiesn in a Box” on the Riverwalk

MacDill Park on the Riverwalk
100 N Ashley Drive
Tampa, FL 33606

March 1-3, 2019
“Wiesn in a Box” at the Grand Central

The Grand Central at Kennedy
1208 E Kennedy Blvd
Tampa, FL 33602

Experience the Wiesn

  • Louise at OB Wiesn Event © Goethe-Institut
    The best and biggest pretzel I’ve ever had, fresh out of the oven!
    Louise, Ormond Beach, FL
  • Zack @ Wiesn Atlanta Photo: Wendell Weithers © Goethe-Institut Washington
    I love this beer, I’m just feeling happy!
    Zack, Atlanta, GA
  • Gretta Foto: Wendell Weithers © Goethe-Institut Washington
    I love this Christmas Market, I live right across the street so I come each year. Last year I really enjoyed it and couldn’t wait for it to open again. I think it’s even better this year, there’s beer now!
    Gretta, Atlanta, GA
  • David Photo: Wendell Weithers © Goethe-Institut Washington
    I love German beer, it’s the best ever. What a cool program for Goethe-Institut to put on!
    David, Atlanta, GA
  • Fresh crispy pretzel
    Nothing better than a fresh crispy pretzel!
    Savannah, Jacksonville, FL

Wiesn Tour

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Vocabulary and Music

Bavarian Vocabulary in an animated GIF © Goethe-Institut

Fun Facts and phrases
Wiesn vocabulary

Sound like a true Münchener while you’re prost-ing with your friends! Our list below contains the most important words and expressions you’re likely to encounter while stumbling around the Wiesn of Oktoberfest. This collection reflects the uniqueness of the Bavarian dialect, containing words that even Germans from other parts of the country might not be familiar with. Enjoy, Gaudi!

Bavarian music man Foto: Pixabay, CC0

All “Wiesn” Hits on Spotify
“Wiesn” Vibes

Just “hoomp tataa”? Far from it! Wiesn revelers nowadays enjoy more than traditional Oktoberfest hits. Listen in here for a quirky and funky twist on the classics, the sound of Bavaria today.

. .

Spotify-Playlist #1
Where is the sun?

For Germans, concepts like the south, the sun, and the beach are difficult to comprehend. Our beaches are in the north and in the south we just have lakes (but we longingly call them seas – like the Bavarian or Swabian Sea). Mainly there are mountains, where we ski. The sun however, we cherish as much as everyone else.

Tennessee goat decorating the cover of the Wiesn playlist “Oida” .

Spotify Playlist #2

“Oida” is an eclectic Bavarian word that translates to something like “dude” in English. It can be used a lot like the “f”-word in English–as an exclamation. However, “oida” can only be used as a noun and it isn’t as vulgar as the “f”-word. In standard German, you would say “Alter,” which literally means “old one”.

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