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Sounds of the Wiesn

Our Wiesn playlists are more than Bavarian folk music and Lederhosen, they’re a blend of modern music from all the places that have shaped our tour thus far. Explore the playlists below for the sounds of where our “Wiesn in a Box” has been, both in spirit and in person.

Bavarian music man Foto: Pixabay, CC0

All “Wiesn” Hits on Spotify
“Wiesn” Vibes

Just “hoomp tataa”? Far from it! Wiesn revelers nowadays enjoy more than traditional Oktoberfest hits. Listen in here for a quirky and funky twist on the classics, the sound of Bavaria today.

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Spotify Playlist #1
Where is the sun?

For Germans, concepts like the south, the sun, and the beach are difficult to comprehend. Our beaches are in the north and in the south we just have lakes (but we longingly call them seas – like the Bavarian or Swabian Sea). Mainly there are mountains, where we ski. The sun however, we cherish as much as everyone else.

Tennessee goat decorating the cover of the Wiesn playlist “Oida” .

Spotify Playlist #2

“Oida” is an eclectic Bavarian word that translates to something like “dude” in English. It can be used a lot like the “f”-word in English–as an exclamation. However, “oida” can only be used as a noun and it isn’t as vulgar as the “f”-word. In standard German, you would say “Alter,” which literally means “old one”.

Spotify Playlist #3
Munich Things

Munich! Once known as a hot spot of disco and gay life, this fabled city north of the Alps seems to have settled into a slumber over the years. But watch out! This sleeping beauty has begun to stir­­—and not just during Oktoberfest! 

Autobahn Trippin’ cover photo

Spotify Playlist #4
Autobahn Trippin’

Our Wiesn in a Box team has been on the road for a while now touring across the South and into Texas. We’re hitting the road north soon but created a mix of German and American road trip classics, inspired by our long highway drives through the Lone Star State.  Tune in to life on the road, Autobahn style!

Jolly Hoppy Tunes Playlist

Spotify Playlist #5
Jolly Hoppy Tunes

Beer is considered a staple food in Bavaria, and other parts of Germany, and Austria, and... Occasionally, the jolly hoppy everyday drug is substituted with wine. And a small Schnaps everynow and then will come in handy, when the food was too fatty, which it almost always is. Prost!

Luna Park Happy Kitty Kater © lunapark

Spotify Playlist #6
Happy Kitty Kater

The debilitating hangover. In German, it is called a “Kater”, literally meaning a—often big and fat—male cat. Unlike big fat cats however, hangovers do not like being ignored. Luckily if you give one the right care and attention (and maybe a Tylenol), a throbbing “Kater” can slowly be tamed by the following night.

Feisty Kitty Kater

Spotify Playlist #7
Feisty Kitty Kater

Beware! The Kater [German for hangover, literally meaning a male cat] can be a brutally savage fellow if provoked. To be avoided at all costs are: Mondays, exhausting chores, and exercises of memory—like trying to remember what the hell happened last night!

Spotify Playlist #8
Weird Wiesn

Hold on to your merry-go-round horses! Weird Wiesn is a fast-paced 15-hit rollercoaster through the best alternative songs that Oktoberfest has to offer.