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Austrian Selection: Stroke of Luck (Glück gehabt)

Glück gehabt – Film Neu 2020
© Jan Frankl-Prismafilm

Available to Stream
From: Friday, November 20, 7:00pm EST
To: Saturday, November 21, 11:59pm EST

Austria, 2019, 101 min., Screenwriter & Director: Peter Payer, Cast: Philipp Hochmair, Julia Roy, Larissa Fuchs, Robert Stadlober, Barbara Petritsch

Based on the novel
Das Polykrates-Syndrom by Antonio Fian, erschienen im Literaturverlag Droschl

In German with English subtitles.

Rating (Suggested): R

Artur is a well-regarded tutor, runs a copy shop, and designs graphic novels as a hobby. His wife, an extremely ambitious teacher at a high school who wants to become the principal, has always understood and appreciated this. They have a good marriage.

One day, one of Artur’s customers, Alice, leaves him a note. Then she does it again. His curiosity eventually gets the better of him and he starts looking for her. He finds Alice and is beaten up by a man who’s harassing her. A second meeting goes better at first. She doesn’t show up for the next date, and after he finds her, Alice’s unique way of dealing with baggage from previous relationships sucks him into an ill-fated affair.

Artur tries to hide it, but Alice overwhelms and fascinates him. Then he loses control over his life – or did he ever have it?

Alice and Artur’s wife meet in a disastrous finale, after which we all realize something: a dark secret is a direct and effective way of preventing troubled relationships.

Peter Payer's career as a cinema director began with the film Girls Under Investigation (1999), an adaptation of Albert Drach's book Ravioli (2003), which took up elements from Alfred Dorfer's play heim.at. The family film Villa Henriette (2004), based on the book of the same name by Christine Nöstlinger, made Payer known to a broader cinema audience. His film Acquitted (2007) is a literary adaptation based on Ödön von Horvath's play The Youngest Day. The guilt drama won awards in the competition in Locarno. The political thriller At the End of the Day came to theaters in 2011 and was awarded the Prix du Public in Liege (Belgium).
Payer received numerous awards and nominations for his work and shot various TV formats for ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Company), MTV, BR, ZDF, ARD and others.


Glück Gehabt - Trailer from Filmfonds Wien on Vimeo.