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Swiss Short Film: Caught Out (Durchschaut)

Caught Out - Film Neu 2020
© MaarsenFilms

Available to Stream
From: Saturday, November 21, 7:00pm EST
To: Sunday, November 22, 11:59pm EST

Switzerland, 2020, 29 min., Written & Directed: Frederik Maarsen Cast: Anatole Taubman, Caroline Imhof, Reto Baumgartner

In German with English subtitles.


The factory worker "Albert," who has been unemployed for years, is a habitual man. Every day he goes to a funeral feast to satisfy his hunger, tinkers with new inventions in his free time and observes his dream woman "Lucie" through the binoculars in the evening. When one day he goes to prison – because of his illegal funeral visits – he has to find his way in the new situation for the first time and get to know the dark sides of his new life.
From Frederik Maarsen:
"When I was seven years old, and using my parents simple cam-cord, I made my first LEGO stop-motion film. As the years went on, my filming became more professional looking and freelance jobs started to flow in. In Berlin in 2015 I successfully completed a Director course.

In Spring of 2016 I filmed a short film titled “Auf der Flucht” (On the run). The film successfully toured on several festivals. 2020 followed the 30-Minutes film “Durchschaut” (Caught out). I am currently working on my first large scale feature film and I’m involved in various projects from music videos to commercials. I am on the road throughout Europe and am flexible to stop and live where my projects take me."