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Swiss Selection: Needle Park Baby

Film|Neu - Needle Park Baby © C-Films AG
Film|Neu - Needle Park Baby © C-Films AG

Streaming on Eventive, November 18 at 7:30pm ET - November 21 at 11:59pm ET

Geoblocked to the USA – District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.

$2-$10 pay-what-you-can via Eventive [ < text is hyperlinked!]

Switzerland, 2020, 98 min., Director: Pierre Monnard, Screenplay: André Küttel (screenplay), inspired by the memoir by Michelle Halbheer & Franziska K. Müller Cast: Luna Mwezi, Sarah Spale, Anouk Petri, Delio Malär, Jerry Hoffmann Production: C-Films AG


- Best Film: NEEDLE PARK BABY (Winner)
- Best Actress: LUNA MWEZI
- Best Actress: SARAH SPALE
- Best Screenplay: ANDRÉ KÜTTEL

Spring 1995: After the closure of the infamous needle park and the open drug scene in Zurich, eleven-year-old Mia and her mother Sandrine move to an idyllic little town outside Zurich. However, the new home is no paradise for Mia, because Sandrine is heavily addicted to drugs and should never have obtained custody. Mia takes refuge in her fantasy world with an imaginary friend. She talks to him during lonely hours and they make fabulous plans for an island life with her mother, far away from drugs. Mia also finds a kind of substitute family in a kids gang whose members come from similarly tough backgrounds. More and more Mia builds up the strength to rebel against her mother, and finally succeeds in leaving her.

A film by Pierre Monnard, screenplay by André Küttel. Inspired by the Bestseller 'PLATZSPITZBABY' by Michelle Halbheer and Franziska K. Mülller.

Pierre Monnard
Born in Switzerland, Pierre Monnard studied film in England. Whilst there, he wrote and directed his first short films, Swapped and Come Closer, which toured the globe earning more than 20 international prizes, including a Swiss Academy Award for Best Short and a Boards nomination for film of the year.

Monnard started directing commercials in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, and France for clients such as MTV, Stella Artois and Credit Suisse Banking. Through his music video work, he collaborated with major labels such as Warner, Sony and Universal for artists including Sliimy, Calogero and Grand Corps Malade.
Shortlisted at the Cannes Lions Festival, his commercial work is an ADC winner and his music videos have been nominated at the NRJ Music Awards.

In 2013, Monnard completed his first feature film, the offbeat comedy feature Recycling Lily about a perfection-obsessed Bin Inspector who falls for the wrong girl. He then went to direct Anomalia, an eight-episode TV Series starring Natacha Régnier. In 2016, Monnard made his first foray into documentary filmmaking for ARTE with the film Blood Business. Then came the crime series Wilder which has been called by the press “the best Swiss series ever made”.

In 2019, Monnard completed 2 projects. The documentary series A Year in the Vineyard about the new generation of Swiss winegrowers and Wilder - Season 2.
Platzspitzbaby, Monnard's second feature film, was released in early 2020. The film was a box office success and was voted Best Film of the Year by the Swiss Film Journalists Association. Nominated 5 times for the Swiss Film Awards, including for Best Film, it was awarded in the Best Actress category thanks to Sarah Spale’s performance as Sandrine, the drug-addicted mother.

Since then Monnard completed the drama series Neumatt for SRF and is about to start shooting the crime show Hors Saison for RTS and France Télévison with Marina Hands and Sofiane Zermani in the main roles.

This film is appropriate for audiences over 18. The film is subtitled in English. No refunds will be issued for any tickets.