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Bye Bye Kellermann (Ruhe! Hier stirbt Lothar)

Bye Bye Kellermann © Hager-Moss
Bye Bye Kellermann © Hager-Moss

Läuft über Eventive: 18. November um 19:30 Uhr ET - 21. November um 23:59 ET

Geoblocked to the USA – District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.

Tickets: $2-$10 pay-what-you-can via Eventive [ < text is hyperlinked!]

Germany, 2021, 90 min., Director: Hermine Huntgeburth, Screenplay: Ruth Toma Cast: Jens Harzer, Corinna Harfouch Production: Hager-Moss Film

• German Screen Actors Awards 2021
*Nomination, Best Actor in a Leading Role (Jens Harzer)

• German Television Academy Awards 2021
*Nomination, Best Director (Hermine Huntgeburth)
*Nomination, Best Actor in a Leading Role (Jens Harzer)
*Nomination, Best Screenplay (Ruth Toma)

• Hessian Television Awards 2021
*Nomination, Best Actor (Jens Harzer)

• Romy Gala, Austria, 2021
* Favorite Actress (Corinna Harfouch)

Lothar Kellermann, a middle-aged ill-tempered salesman, has alienated everyone with his pessimistic attitude and general misanthropy. His family and friends no longer want anything to do with him. Of course, they're the ones to blame for this – not him. Kellermann, an introvert through-and-through, doesn't like anyone. He might not even like himself. The only recipient of his undivided love and attention is Bosko, his dog.

Then, Kellermann is diagnosed with cancer and given only a few months to live. As if he'd expected such luck to befall him, Kellermann begins tying all loose ends in his life. He sells his house and his Moroccan tiles business – perhaps the only other thing he loves as much as Bosko. He takes Bosko to an animal shelter and bequeaths his entire fortune to the shelter. Then he goes into the hospice and waits to die.

But he does not die – misdiagnosis. Now, he has to return completely penniless to a life that neither wants nor needs him. Suddenly he is dependent on other people. And that changes him, whether he wants it to or not.

And then there is Rosa, a terminally-ill woman he meets in hospice who tells him like it is. Could Kellermann actually have room in his heart for more than his dog and his tiles?

Hermine Huntgeburth, born on 13 November 1957 in Paderborn, studied film at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg and in 1983 with a DAAD scholarship in Sydney. Already as a student she wrote screenplays and worked as an assistant director at the theatre. Her first film as a director, Im Kreise der Lieben (The Terrible Threesome, 1991), was awarded the German Film Prize for the best up-and-coming director.

In 2002, Huntgeburth celebrated a major box office success with Bibi Blocksberg, a film adaptation of the popular children's radio play of the same name. After that she repeatedly directed feature films between her numerous television projects. Among them the drama Der Boxer und die Friseuse (2004, TV), which was awarded the German Television Prize, and the elaborate feature film Die weisse Massai (The White Masai) starring Nina Hoss and Katja Flint, which became the most successful German feature film of 2005. 

In 2019, Huntgeburth shot her first feature film in eight years: Lindenberg! Mach dein Ding (Lindenberg! Do your thing, 2020), a biopic about the legendary rock musician Udo Lindenberg, with Jan Bülow in the title role. Bye Bye Kellermann is her newest film.

This film is appropriate for audiences over 18. The film is subtitled in English. No refunds will be issued for any tickets.