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Germany votes

On September 24th, 2017 Germans go to the polls to decide who will serve as legislators in the Bundestag. Join us in following this exciting election with events in San Francisco and Washington DC. A photo dossier on street campaigns in Berlin and Munich shows how candidates are battling on the streets for votes. Cultural creatives and civil society actors, for instance in France, the Czech Republic and Japan tell us what they wish for in the time after the election.

Blick in die Kuppel des ReichstagsgebäudesFoto: Arndt Oehmichen © Deutscher Bundestag

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My wish for Germany

What do people outside Germany wish the Bundesrepublik? In short clips, journalists, civil rights activists, experts on Germany and other engaged persons from seven countries express their often surprising opinions.

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Die Österreicherin Theresia Töglhofer ist Autorin und Expertin für internationale Beziehungen.

Germany, I wish you ...
Partnership instead of paternalism

Austrian Theresia Töglhofer is an author and expert on international relations. She wishes Germany partnership instead of paternalism.

Korrespondent der Tageszeitung De Telegraaf.

Germany, I wish you ...
Less Pegida clamour and more children

Rob Savelberg is a journalist and correspondent for the daily newspaper De Telegraaf. He wishes Germany less Pegida clamour and more children.