April 17, 2019
The Big Pond #24: Being Muslim in the Midwest

Friday prayer of the Muslim Student Association of the Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
© Rosemary Pennington

What is it like to be Muslim nowadays in the Midwest, the so-called Heartland of the US? And how does that reality connect to the one in Germany? Our producers Rosemary Pennington and Joe Sampson interviewed members of several Muslim communities as well as speakers of Muslim advocacy groups in the Cincinnati area.

In 2017, Germany’s Interior Ministry noted that almost 1,000 anti-Muslim crimes were committed in the country – however, the ministry also suggests the number of anti-Muslim incidents dropped in 2018. That’s not the case in the US where the Council on American-Islamic Relations, (CAIR) says more than 1,000 possible anti-Muslim incidents were reported to their office in just the second quarter of 2018. 

To explore these bleak statistics for The Big Pond, Rosemary Pennington and Joe Sampson visit several communities in Southwest Ohio – including the Muslim Student Association at Miami University, the Islamic Center of Cincinnati and the regional offices of CAIR. And they also connect the current reality for Muslims living in the US with what is happening in Germany, where an increasing number of immigrants who practice Islam arrived in recent years.

WVXU Cincinnati Public Radio invited Rosemary Pennington and Joe Sampson to speak on air about “Being Muslim in the Midwest” and their experiences during production. Listen at:

What It's Like Being Muslim In The Midwest

Music: “Mystical Beauty” by Lobo Loco, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 

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