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Panelist Germany
Jule Govrin

Portrait of Jule Govrin © Jule Govrin Jule Govrin is a philosopher. Her research positions itself at the interface of political theory, social philosophy, and aesthetics.

She studied at the FU Berlin and the University of Paris VIII, did her PhD at the FU on theories of desire and economics, and worked at the Institute for Queer Theory.

She currently works in the philosophy department of the European University Flensburg where she investigates the relationship between authenticity and authority in modern and late modern political thought.

She is the author of Sex, Gott und Kapital. Houellebecqs Unterwerfung zwischen neoreaktionärer Rhetorik und postsäkularen Politiken (“Sex, God, and Capital. Houellebecq’s Subjugation between Neoreactionary Rhetoric and Post-secular Politics,” 2016). Alongside her academic career, she works as a journalist for publications such as ZEIT Online.