Shaping the Past: Black Digital Futures

Watahnogetenemy © Quentin Lindsay VerCetty

Why is the City of Toronto one of the few major cities without any monuments of Black people? How can artists positively reimagine the past, present and most importantly future of their absence?

Quentin VerCetty’s (Toronto/Montreal) Missing Black Technofossil Here is a public space intervention that addresses Tania Inniss’ notion that “the absence of Black representation in art” is erasure and connects with recent debates around the “Mohrenrondell” in Potsdam, Germany, as well as the removal of colonial figures across the Black diaspora globally.

Featured Artists

Quentin VerCetty Lindsay Quentin VerCetty Lindsay is an award-winning, multidisciplinary visual griot (storyteller), artpreneur, art educator, activist, and an ever-growing interstellar tree based in Montreal, Canada. He is also co-founder and director of the Black Speculative Arts Movement, whose foundational work with second-wave Afrofuturism provides new, inclusive, and intersectional perspectives to reimagine public spaces. More about Quentin VerCetty Lindsay