Our commitment to German

Our commitment to German Photo: Panthermedia/Viktor Thaut

German in the USA

What is the status of German as a foreign language in the U.S., and how does it compare worldwide? Which topics are of particular importance to strengthen German programs at U.S. schools and colleges? Find the Goethe-Institut’s position on these and other issues here.  

"Schulen: Partner der Zukunft" initiative

PASCH is a worldwide network connecting more than 1700 PASCH schools with a particular link to Germany. The Goethe-Institut acts as mentor to around 550 PASCH schools in the national education systems of over 100 countries.

Alumniportal Deutschland

Alumniportal Deutschland is a social network to promote networking between alumni of Germany, companies, universities and organisations.


The Transatlantic Outreach Program is a public / private partnership that promotes education about Germany, fosters intercultural dialogue, and provides the opportunity for North American social studies educators, STEM educators, and decision makers to experience Germany. 

German for Hire & Field Trips

With GERMAN FOR HIRE, young Germans in the US visit American high schools to talk with students about the German language and culture. Any US school and young German in the US can participate in this cultural exchange.

Another way to experience German(y) up and close: Incorporate a visit to the Goethe-Institut with your class in your next FIELD TRIP.


The German American Partnership Program (GAPP) supports partnerships and exchanges between schools in Germany and the United States. 

Study Bridge

The Goethe-Institut’s Studienbrücke program is specifically designed to prepare students from abroad wishing to embark directly on a course of study in Germany.

Sustainability Summit

How can we move around without CO2? What will it take to power our lives, live our power, eat well and restore the Earth at the same time? What will we need to thrive as we make the shift toward a sustainable future? 
These and similar questions await you at the three-day Sustainability Summit in Chicago. Apply Now!

Digital Kinderuni

The Digital Kinderuniversity ("Kinderuni") is a free educational project run by the Goethe-Institut for children aged 8 to 12 years old. Children enroll digitally at the Kinderuniversity to explore different scientific areas in three faculties – Humankind, Nature and Technology – and at the same time learn German in a fun and playful way.