Green Academy

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Fun Online Lectures for Students!

The Green Academy offers free video lectures on the subjects of experiments and philosophy for children aged 8 to 16 (language level A1 to A2).​

Learn German with exciting hands-on experiments or discuss important topics such as justice!
  • free and videobased lectures can be done independently at home or in the classroom
  • interactive exercises encourage participants to think critically and support them in expressing their thoughts in German
  • pdf worksheets are available for immediate download 

Elementary School

Green Academy © Goethe-Institut

A Greek Discovery

What do amber and a balloon have in common? And how does this relate to Ancient Greece?

Christoph Biemann from "Die Sendung mit der Maus" is devoting himself to a very exciting experiment on electricity.

Air Is Not Nothing

Air is more than nothing. Get a bucket of water and a glass for a fun hands-on experiment!

Christoph Biemann shows that German and science go together. 

Middle and High School

What is just?

"What is Just?"- Imagine a (very, very tasty!) chocolate cake. Dividing it in a fair way is not so easy: Does everyone get exactly the same amount? Or does the one who has worked the hardest get the most?

We will look at different suggestions and consider with philosopher Ana Laura Edelhoff what is just. 

Green Academy © Goethe-Institut

Crime and Punishment

Have you ever broken a rule? If so, did you receive some kind of punishment? And what effect did it have? 

Learn to think like a philosopher! The Criminal Justice lecture is a great way to teach the skills of research and analysis. This activity leads us to a wrap-up discussion and prepares your students to voice their own thoughts in a foreign language with the help of a thought-provoking interactive online lecture.